Moscow court to examine case of five Chechens accused of assisting terrorists in Moscow Musical Thea

Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor submitted to court the case of 5 Chechens-alleged accomplices of the terrorists who had taken hostages in the Theater Center in Moscow.
According to the Office of Public Prosecutor, the defendants are accused of conducting the act of terrorism killed one person and injured 8 people at the McDonalds in Moscow on October 19, 2002. Another accusation is assisting in the act of terrorism and taking hostages in the Theater Center on Melnikova Street, and illegal purchasing, storage and transporting weapons and explosives by their criminal organization.
According to the law-enforcers, three of the defendants were involved in the attempt to make an explosion next to the State Duma building and on Bolshaya Bronnya Street in Moscow in 2001. By chance the explosives did not detonate at that time.
The legal hearing for the 5 defendants will take place in Moscow City Court. The overall investigation of the organizers and executors of the acts of terrorism at McDonalds is in progress, the Office of Public Prosecutor reported. Several terrorists are declared to be on international search.

Source: Newsru

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova