Six Newborns die as a result of unsanitary conditions

Deputy General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of the Ural Federal region Yuri Zolotov decided to investigate a case of 6 newborn deaths personally.

6 newborns died from December 20th until January 13th as a result of Klebsiella pneumonia in Krasnoutinsky maternity hospital (Sverdlovsk region).

According to Zolotov's press service, Yuri Zolotov has forwarded the case to the department of most serious cases of Sverdlovsk region for investigation.

A total of 13 cases of Klebsiella pneumonia among newborns have been recorded in Krasnoutinsky maternity hospital beginning from December 20th of 2003, up until January 13th, 2004. As a result, 6 newborns have died. Those were mainly underweight, premature children who were in need of emergency care.

In the course of the on-going investigation, police discovered obvious violation of sanitary and epidemic regulations in the maternity department. It was decided to close the entire hospital for disinfection. Currently, all expected mothers are being sent to another maternity hospital of Karpinks. Mothers of all deceased newborns are all being carefully monitored by doctors.

Currently, investigation is on the go. Office of the Public Prosecutor began the investigation under the clause 109/part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which undermines death as a result of negligence of professional duties.

Office of the Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk intends to conduct a thorough check of the hospital in order to determine precise reason of the epidemic. In addition, such checks will be conducted in all hospitals in the region, reports “Interfax”.

According to the preliminary information obtained from the commission, all newborns died as a result of Klebsiella pneumonia. Its viruses were transmitted through special incubators for underweight, premature babies. Neither one of the incubators had been disinfected after each use, thus violating hospital's regulations.

The last case of newborn deaths in the Sverdlovsk region had been reported 20 years ago in Ekaterinburg's hospital №14. Back then, several babies had died due to infection.


Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov