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Deadly Earthquake in Iran

An expert from the All-Russian Monitoring and Forecasting Centre of the Russian Ministry of Extreme Situations has stated in his interview to RIA “Novosti” that according to the recent estimations, a number of dead people in Iran can reach 600. 
“According to the experts, a total number of people killed as a result of a recent earthquake in Iran can reach 600. Up to 1,500 people can still be buried under the rubble,” stated the center's representative. 
He also mentioned that Russian specialists were able to acquire the data by means of revolutionary technology. It allows to calculate possible earthquake damages as well as to provide estimated number of dead and injured people.
Numerous rescue workers have been sent to the area.
A series of jolts were first reported at 5:30am. The quakes epicenter appeared to be at the heart of the historic city of Ban in southeast province of Kerman, situated in about 1,000 km from the capital. According to the recent information from the geophysical center of Tehran University, some jolts have reached 6.7 mark on Richter scale. Specialists claim that quakes of such magnitude are capable of causing major destructions.
Electro and water supply has been cut off in the province. The area’s communication with a number of regions has been cut off. Kerman’s Governor reported that several units of rescue workers have already been sent to the area. IRNA reports that a number of doctors from International Red Crescent organization has been sent to Bam as well, According to the latest news, work is already in progress.
In the meantime, sudden jolts continue to shake the ground in the southeast province of Kerman. There were several aftershocks, one of magnitude 5.3, IRNA quoted the geophysics institute of Tehran University as saying.
Major part of Iran is located on a seism active territory. Minor quakes occur there almost daily. More than one thousand earthquakes of magnitude 3 and up have been reported in the course of the past 12 years. More than 17,600 people have been killed and more than 53,000 people have been seriously injured as a result of those earthquakes. 229 people died as a result of last year earthquake in north Iran. France Press reports that today's quake remains the most powerful and devastating in the region since 1998.  

Based on materials from Russian and International info agencies.

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