Husbands Suffer Savage Punishments from Wives

Love hits of 2003: a man beaten up with frying pans. True stories telling about killings with pans, mops and pokers
Two young women were detained in the Russian city of Khabarovsk for breaking in a lonely man's apartment and beating him with frying pans. As a result of the aggressive attack, the victim suffered a grave cranial injury. The women stole 4.5 thousand rubles from the apartment.

In the US, on the Saint Valentine's Day a woman from Texas, Klara Harris drove her auto over her husband's body several times in a burst of jealousy.  She was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment.

America was following the trial in Houston where a family conflict developed into a tragedy. In July 2002, Klara Harris caught her husband with a lover; the conflict developed right on a hotel parking lot.

When the family scandal reached its peak Klara Higgis got into her Mercedes and crossed the body of the unfaithful husband three times. An accidental filmmaker filmed the tragic moment. 
In the province of Punjab of Pakistan, a jealous wife poured kerosene over her husband's body and set him on fire. According to a local newspaper, the tragedy broke out because the man wanted to bring another wife into the house. 
The woman learnt about her husband's plans and decided to revenge herself upon him. While the man was asleep she poured kerosene over him, set the body on fire and fled together with one of her daughters. Neighbors heard desperate cries of the victim and called in an ambulance. Even though doctors made everything possible to save the man's life, he died in the hospital with over 70 per cent of the body covered with burns.
The Japanese police arrested a 52-year-old woman who killed her husband by fastening him to a lantern with a chain. The police arrested the woman after the death of her 53-year-old husband who had to stay at home under the care of the wife after an insult he had suffered a year before.
A policeman tells that the woman tied a one-meter chain over the man's neck, fastened it to a lantern right opposite the house and left him there alone. In several hours, the woman still called the police. When rescuers arrived to the place they had to cut the chain with nippers as it was tightly tied. The policeman told that the man who could not move and speak after the insult died of asphyxia. 

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Author`s name Michael Simpson