Author`s name Pavel Morozov

The most impudent robberies of 2003

Criminal results of 2003

The biggest robbery in Russia occurred on the 4th of December. Armed bandits stole 14mln rubles and disappeared. Money belonged to the Center for cardio-surgery named after Bakulaev.

The first bank robbery in the country's history happened this year in Mongolia. A masked robber flew into a branch of “ANOD” bank in Ulan Bator, injured a guard shooting gun into him, and took 50 thousand American dollars.

The most imprudent robbery happened in a diamond capital of the world, Antwerpen, Belgium. Criminals reached diamond storage through an underground course, and opened 123 safes of private owners. The stolen diamonds valued at billion dollars.

The world’s oldest robber was arrested in the USA. Half-deaf granddad of 91 years old robbed three banks during last five years. The scheme remained the same: he handed a note to cashiers: “This is robbery”. His last robbery gave him around two thousand dollars.

The freakiest robbery. In September a banal bank robbery in Pennsylvania ended with violent murder. Brian Wells, a 46 years old pizza boy came into a bank and handed to the cashiers a note asking money. He took the sum and went. His car was stopped in an instant. But Wells told the cops he was made to rob a bank, and there’s a bomb on his neck. Police didn’t trust him. Explosion blasted. Later specialists claimed it is almost impossible to unarm such a bomb.

The biggest robbery of Russians abroad occurred this September in London: a sapphire valued at above one million dollars was stolen from Dasha Strelkova, a rich Russian bride. The gem of 120 karats disappeared from safe of Moving Pictures company. The gem was a family rich. Strelkova was going to sell it and buy a house for her and her husband (she came to London for a wedding ceremony). The sapphire wasn’t insured. 

The fattest robber is arrested in Detroit. Criminal known as “Fat bandit” is suspected in 16 armed robberies. Being 160cm height he weights around 105kg. He never hid his face, and police offered two bounties of 1200 dollars for information on him. 

The most insignificant robbery was committed in Sverdlovskaja region of Russia: the robber was caught after stealing “papiros” - the cheapest Russian cigarettes without filter, priced 1.5 rubles (about 5 american cents)

The biggest theft in the world of Arts occurred in Scotland, where from a castle Drumlanrig belonging to count Buccleuch a painting by Leonardo da Vinci “Madonna with a spindle” was stolen. The insured price of the artwork is 60mln pounds sterling. It was done by the master in 1501, and portraits Madonna and Child playing with a cross-like spindle at a canvas of 50 by 36 cm.
The castle is open to visitors wishing to see its art collection. Thieves seized this opportunity.

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