Author`s name Michael Simpson

Hungry Elephants Rob Trucks of Food

Drivers themselves are guilty of the trouble
Herds of hungry elephants attack villages, destroy plantations and rob trucks with food in eastern Thailand, the keeper of the national park Ang Lue Nai told Bangkok Post. And the man is not joking at all. The wearisome drought has forced 130 elephants to drop in villages in search of water and food; on their way the elephants trample down the nearby plantations.

The elephants even can rob trucks with sugar canes, and the national park keeper insists that drivers of these trucks are guilty themselves of this trouble. Sydney Morning Herald reports that usually elephants picked up stalks fallen from carts and trucks. Drivers felt pity for elephants and gave them more food themselves. This particular aid has taught elephants to follow "the new dangerous behavior", the keeper of the park says.

Now the leader of the elephant herd blocks the way for a cart, and when it stops other elephants unload sugar cane and begin their meal. Several instances of this sort have been already registered. They say that elephants today do not search for food, but wait for somebody else to give it to them, which is rather dangerous.

Drivers of trucks are prohibited to throw stalks to elephants in the hope that animals will let trucks pass.

The national park keeper says that many villagers plan to enclose their plantations with metal fences and switch them to the current. They also say that villagers want to take measures for immediate repulsion of attacks of elephants.

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