Ural is turning into a Radioactive Dump

Ecologists have been giving away “radioactive candies” with an appetizing label “Eat and Die!”. Major pickets have been held in 25 towns throughout Russia on Tuesday, November 25. Such action organized by ecologists has been aimed against delegates of Russian government who allowed for radioactive wastes to be transported to Russia from other countries.
The action received major support from Middle Ural as well. Right in the center of Yekaterinburg, next to Tatischev and deGennin monument environmentalists have been proclaiming names of particular political leaders involved in a scandal and giving away tasty candies with quite appetizing label “Eat and Die!”

According to a journalist from “Novii Region,” those environmental activists were wearing T-shirts revealing all the delegates’ names from Sverdlovsk region. Two years ago such people as Svetlana Gvosdeva, Georgy Leontiev, Zelimhan  Muzoev, Vladimir Kadochnikov, Valery Yazev, Evgeny Zyablincev, Nikolai Ovchinnikov have all voted for transporting radioactive wastes to Russia.
Ecologists express their sincere “gratitude” to Georgy Leontiev of Sverdlovsk communist party for turning Ural into an international radioactive dump. 
It is a known fact that Sverdlovsk region is one with an exceptionally high radiation level. Kamensk-Uralsky region is also quite dangerous. Beloyarskaya atomic / nuclear power-station situated right next to the Kamensk-Uralsk region, has been using the most toxic plutonium fuel. Nowadays, cases of illnesses are 30%higher in comparison to other neighboring regions.   
“The government does not have a right to conduct new experiments on humans. The country has not fully recovered from Chernobyl yet,” states one of the demonstrators.
Ecologists however express their hopes to make Russian State Duma admit their mistakes and be more responsible towards humanity.