No Russian women willingly become sexual slaves

Annual volume of sales in worldwide market for women in sex industry is valued US$7-12bln. Most women do not want themselves go overseas for prostitution, and do not wish to sell themselves to slavery.
A young naked woman is being pushed to the middle of the hall. She is presented to customers, and sold for at least USS1,000. A buyer is happy with the purchase, he knows he will be able to receive twenty times more for her.

Such auctions are definitely hard to imagine being real, but the reality is much more frightening than any imagination sometimes.

Annual volume of sales in worldwide market of women as "goods" in sex industry is valued US$7-12bln. In the last decade hundreds of thousands women from the Central and Eastern Europe and former USSR republics were turned to prostitutes. Only in the EU there are half a million of them.

The most popular countries to where they are sent are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, UAE, Syria, China, Holland, Canada and Japan.
Russia is at the same time a transit and destination point for selling women from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

Now as traveling out of Russia became easy, Russian women is seen an "exotic" on the sex-slavery market, because they are so new to it. Demand for them and Ukrainian females exceeded the leaders: Latinas, Philippinas, Thais.

People in the dirty business of sexual exploitation have developed special means and methods of actions.

One of the most widespread ways to find a girl is newspaper classifieds advertising an excellent overseas job without special qualification required, like a cafй servant or nun. Some ads like that offer well-paid places for "young, attractive women" who agree to become dancers or hostesses. About 20% of all women sold as slaves were recruited through such advertising.
Women are also recruited during social events like beauty competitions. The process is complicated usually, and the fraud is thoroughly thought out to make candidates believe in reality of good future employment. They play on women's poverty, unemployment, dreams about leaving Russia. Most women do not want themselves go overseas for prostitution, and do not wish to sell themselves to slavery.

Yet another means of recruiting is "marriage agencies", sometimes called "bride by mail" or "international acquaintance services". According to the World Migration Organization, all "bride by mail" agencies offering women from the former USSR are controlled by organized criminal structures. Many of them work in the Internet. Recruiters use "marriage agencies" as a means of finding women who want to travel or emigrate. Those recruiters can be slave-traders themselves or work for such. Even if a woman meets a man who promises her a marriage, it is possible that after using her for a while himself, he sells her to sex-industry: to porn movie makers, as a slave or straight to brothel.

Some slave sellers provide women with true documents for entering a country (by legal tourist visas and their own passports), in other cases false documents are used.

Most women, no matter which method of recruiting was used, do not expect sexual exploitation and violence.

Methods of controlling these women after they arrive to a destination country include holding the documents, physical violence, threats of hurting members of the family and financial servitude. Even when women know they would become prostitutes, their knowledge is remote from what really expects them. Even those who willingly go overseas as prostitutes can not imagine the level of manipulation, fraud and enforcement they would have to go through.

In some cases women saved from physical and sexual violence are willing to come back to those countries. Often they do so because it is too difficult for them to get back to normal life, or they can not find a job in home country. Motives may vary: some wish to support the family, some want to receive good education, some desire to find a nice couple, etc.

Almost all big cities in Europe experience "sex-mania" nowadays. World economy development requires more and more workers, and international labor is much cheaper.

The most popular countries for selling women in Europe are the ones which legalized prostitution: Holland and Germany, for instance.

In Holland prostitution was never prohibited. It became a legal, normal profession from 1988, when workers are joined by the service personnel union PIC. From 1996 prostitutes pay taxes. They do not have to register or pass medical tests. Maturity age is 16, and from this age it is legal to use any prostitute services or star in so-called "light porn". To be able to work in the industry, to star in “heavy porn” or act in sexual performances where a coition takes place, one should reach the age of 18. Laws do not prohibit any kinds of sex: sadomasochism, zoophilia, toilet sex, etc. Even in a small town it is easy to find a "red light street". Legalization of prostitution leads to rise in sex-trade of slave women.

[illustration: paintings by Jean-Leon Gerome and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres]

Author`s name Pavel Morozov