Maniac is arrested in Rostov region

In Rostov region law-enforcement forces arrested a maniac murderer, who had killed at least 25 people. This thirty years old Rostov dweller committed atrocities in the region as well as in neighbouring Krasnodarsky and Stavropolsky Kraj. His victims were usually young and attractive women. The arrested maniac is yet to pass a test on mental health.

The investigation is headed by the grave crimes department Chief Amurhan Yandiev, who is famous for arresting Chikatilo, one of the most vicious serial murderers in Russia.

The sad fact is that Rostov region is the leader in number of serial murderers. The same Chikatilo killed 58 people, for instance.

Some people try to earn money on this. There was information that David Grieco, an Italian director wanted to make a movie "Evilenko" about Chikatilo, with Malcolm Macdowell in the title role. However, there was not much heard about it since.

It is also remarkable that in one of the interviews Amurhan Yandiev supposed that in 2003-2005 years a new maniac would have appeared. "Generation brought up in Perestroyka times has unhealthy psychic, hence a new maniac is an unavoidable reality", explained Yandiev.

Author`s name Pavel Morozov