Bible Predicts Outburst of International Terrorism

The year 2006 is said to become the crucial moment in history

The year 2006 is to become the critical point of the outburst of the international terrorism. This conclusion was made by Israeli mathematician Dr. Eliya Rips as a result of the research the scientist had conducted with encoded Biblical messages.

Eliya Rips and former Washington Post mathematician Michael Drosnin published the book titled "The Bible Code" in 1997. The book contained the description of the attack of the Twin Towers and the crash of the Shuttle of Columbia.

The book was a great success and certain circles of the Washington establishment evinced interest in it. European newspapers wrote, Michael Drosnin had been invited for a secret meeting at the Pentagon. The journalist made a report about the deciphered information taken from the Bible, ITAR-TASS reported.

Dr. Eliya Rips deciphered, the year 2006 would become the critical point from the point of view of the terrorist threat. The mathematician believes, a crisis with the use of the nuclear weapon will take place in the Middle East in 2006. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York will be the cities implicated in the conflict. Michael Drosnin said, the threat would be coming from Osama bin Laden or from his people, if al-Qaida's leader stays alive until 2006, of course.

Author`s name Olga Savka