An immature womanizer murdered in cold blood by a female assassin from Moscow

Cooler than Nikita
In the course of her five-year career in various terrorist groups, Maria has become a real pro. According to the Interpol, she has been a participant in 16 terrorist acts and expropriations. A price of $100,000 was announced for her arrest. In the end, this Black Widow along with her lover from the FBI was released with peace. Or so it seemed. On their way back from the police station, the car breaks appeared to be dysfunctional and their “Opel” plunged into a dark abyss.
“Black Widow” is a deadly spider. Females are known for their crude behavior, since they consume their partners right after the intercourse. The FBI has attributed this particular name to the most malicious killer of the second half of the 20th century.
She used various names and possessed several citizenships. The first 18 years of her life, however, she spent as a Russian citizen, named Maria Berger, born in 1956 in Moscow.
While being rather unlucky in her love affairs, she later developed a chic defense mechanism - hatred towards all men. She wasn’t celibate, nonetheless. Maria’s primary objects of attraction consisted mainly of female bisexuals who in their turn, were capable enough to fight back.

Golden girl

Maria was the only child. Her father, Alexander Berger, had PhD. and was in charge of one of the departments in the NII (Scientific Research Institute). In times of the Soviet regime, such a position of his implied a complete material satisfaction. Her mother taught English and French.
Due to the sudden discovery of her musical talent, Maria was soon accepted in one of the most prestigious music schools in the country. A brunette with huge gray eyes, an aristocratic profile and a marvelous figure--what a beauty she was! It all seemed great! Her future appeared exceptionally promising. How misleading could be the signs.
When the girl turned 14, her parents died in a car crash. A woman named Klara, Maria’s aunt, decided to adopt an orphan. This 28year-old cello player appeared to be a lesbian leading a rather bohemian life style. According to a few acquaintances, both Klara and her newly adopted niece soon started to share a bed.
Maria constantly accompanied her aunty to various artistic bizarre gatherings. She then became addicted to drugs and alcohol. When Klara decided to visit Israel, Maria was absolutely assured of their trip there together. However, Maria’s friends and faculty members of the conservatory, where she had been successfully accepted, resisted her departure. Their main motif was that of fear of losing Maria’s musical talent. For better or for worse, but such persuasions of theirs did not prove to be successful.
Right before her departure, Maria decided to say good-bye to an artist named Tofik Bairamov. Apparently, he was the one to pain a portrait of Maria. An emblematic womanizer, desperate to have sex with such a young and pretty girl, slipped a considerable dosage of some sort of a sleeping pill in her cup of coffee. He then brutally raped her. Petrified of what happened, Maria picked up a razor from the bathroom and slew him in cold blood like a dirty swine.
She was quickly found guilty of murder. However, there appeared to be no paperwork whatsoever allowing prisoner-exchange between the two countries, namely between USSR and Israel.

Hookers in Paris
Maria’s visit to Israel did not prove to be successful at all. Her aunty, however, despite her sexual orientation, appeared to be traveling to Israel in order to visiting her fiancй. She surely was capable enough to survive man’s close proximity for the amount of money he possessed.
Besides, such nasty act did not last more than a few nights a month. Maria, now named Mariam, seemed absolutely stunned by her aunt’s behavior. She was even more socked after Kira had invited her to share a bed with her fiancй as well. This did not last long however. Soon afterwards, with some additional aid from Kira’s fiancй’s side, Mariam was sent to the army, to the border of Israel and Lebanon, one of the most dangerous areas. 

Maria’s innate ability to adjust to various circumstances allowed her to somehow get a hold of some documents on the name of Luise Moro while still in the army. During one of her days off she took off for Paris. This did not turn out to be a departure to the dream world. Her life across the sea brought nothing but pure misery. She worked as a hooker, served as a waitress, a kitchen worker, and a janitor. Such misery has finally left her and Maria got a job as a piano player at one of the local coffee shops. There she found her second love—an amateur actress Anna Gro. While keeping in mind her past experiences with her aunty, Maria soon became a rather valuable addition to Anna’s household. Aside from occasional threesomes with Anna and Anna’s husband, Maria was also responsible for dusting and washing and at times when money in the household ran low, she had to go on the streets. Her new housemates turned out to be cocaine addicts. Soon afterwards, Maria herself started using the substance more often. It was here that Maria got to meet several members of the leftist terrorist groups.

Cooler than Nikita
Western sources refer to Maria Berger as a cold-blooded bitch. The FBI took into account her terrorist connections as well as her cocaine addiction when issuing Maria such a nickname.
So began the career of a Black Widow with an unsuccessful attempt of a bank robbery in Paris. As a result of an assail, she appeared to be the only survivor among all the terrorists and captives. While left alone with a young clerk, Maria seduced him (police later discovered that they did have sex) and obtained all the needed information regarding all the secret entrances to the bank. She then shot him.  
Not even the CIA along with the Interpol could predict future developments in the life of Maria Berger. She wandered all across Europe, remembering to change her names from Maria von Shteffenberg to Jessy Simmons, to Muchia Malerba, then to ElsaGrun, to Elvira Rohas and many others. It was much easier to change the color of her hair along with her hair style. In addition, Maria transformed the shape of her lips and chin, her manners and accent. Her inborn charisma, however, remained the same. It took colossal effort for the special services to track her down after tracing her handwriting. First of all, the victim was always a womanizer who used to possess an access to some sort of secret information. Second of all, some “lesbo” was buying herself a new car.
In the course of 5 years of working in terrorist circles, Maria has eventually earned herself a respect. According to the Interpol, this lady has been a participant in 16 terrorist acts and expropriations. A price of $100,000 was announced for her arrest. However, as it turned a bit later, there was absolutely no use to look for Black Widow in Europe. She was already  in Nicaragua, working with new terrorist groups. Her new name there was Claudia Ramirez. Senorita Ramirez was constantly escorted by a young Indian girl Lola. Despite the fact that Maria had saved this poor child from hunger and poverty, this ungrateful Lolita soon abandoned her “beloved”. It did not take long for young Lolita to deliver the news of Maria’s departure to Columbia to visit Don Pablo Escobar, one of the famous cocaine distributors, to the FBI.

The Last Abyss 
When one of the FBI agents named Melvin Storm tracked down the Black Widow, she had already been appointed to be Escobar’s right hand. He was able to convince Maria of either cooperating with American secret services, or she will disappear without a trace. While realizing all the seriousness of the situation, she agreed to cooperate. Americans could not even perceive the misleading nature of Black Widow’s actions. Like many other naпve guys before him, the 40year-old agent Storm fell desperately in love with Maria. She once again proved to be at the top of the game just like her previous seductions. It seemed like even Don Pablo Escobar exhibited certain signs of infatuation, or else how can one explain his absolute indifference to the incoming signals from the intelligence services?
While skillfully maneuvering between the agents of secret services and those involved in the terrorist organizations, Black Widow has soon become a real double. However, there soon appeared a man in her life who was completely immune to her poison. His nickname was Don. Maria was once taken to the jungle and tortured there while demanding a name of her employer. Frightened, she asked for a meeting with her lover Storm. In return, she promised him to gather all the names of the FBI agents currently working for the cocaine king. The enamored agent arrived almost immediately and provided Maria with all the needed information.

 Finally, the Black Widow along with her lover from the FBI was released with peace. Or so it seemed. On their way back home, the car breaks turned out to be dysfunctional and the car swerved into a dark abyss. 

Anna Tkacheva.

Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey