Russian Businessman Gusinsky Detained in Greece

Is the criminal to be extradited to Russia?
Media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky was detained in Greece based on a warrant issued in Russia. According to Greece's Macedonian Press Agency, spokesperson for the Greek Government Christos Protopapas told journalist the news on Monday. He specified: "Gusinsky was arrested on the basis of a warrant issued by the Russian authorities in the framework of a bilateral agreement between Russia and Greece."

When the official spokesperson was asked if the businessman would be extradited to Russia, he said the issue would be "considered by the independent justice."  
Vladimir Gusinsky was detained at the passport control of the international airport of Athens on August 21. Then he was put into the airport facilities for the detained.
The head of the Greek police, Lieutenant-general Fotios Matsakos told Russia's news agency RIA Novosti that Vladimir Gusinsky had been detained on demand of the Interpol bureau in Russia.
On Monday, the prosecutor of the Athens Court of Appeal, where Gusinsky was interrogated, decided that the ex-media magnate from Russia would wait for a decision on extradition to the homeland in a jail in Athens. Extra security measures were observed while delivering Vladimir Gusinsky to the famous prison of Athens, Korydallos.  

Russia and Greece have a number of concluded bipartite agreements for fighting against crime; according to the agreements people suspected of committing crimes are subject to extradition. Greece has already extradited people involved in large-scale crime to Russia.
In 1998 Greece extradited to Russia Andrey Kozlenok, a co-founder of the Golden Ada American company. In 2001, the Russian court sentenced the man for six years of imprisonment on the charges of smuggling of diamonds and gold coins.
In 1999, Greece extradited to Russia Vladimir Dryamov, the founder of the Tibet financial pyramid and former aide to Alexander Rutskoy, Georgy Miroshnik charged with misappropriation of the assets of the western group of troops. The men were sentenced to fifteen and two years of imprisonment correspondingly.
In 2000, Greece extradited to Russia influential criminal Vladimir Tatarenkov known by the nickname Tatarin. The man acted as a witness at a trial on Anatoly Bykov in Russia and was sent back to Greece to serve his 14-year sentence for illegal bearing of weapons and falsification of documents. As soon as the sentence is served, Greece will extradite Tatarenkov to Russia where the man is accused of several killings. 

Author`s name Michael Simpson