Wild Bear Attacks Little Boy

A caged bear attacked a boy, people decided to shoot the animal

A ten-year-old boy was hospitalized with a rare trauma. Doctors could hardly believe that the little boy had been attacked by a bear. They were at a loss, asking ridiculous questions, trying to find out if the bear was a tamed or a wild one.

Artyom was spending his summer holidays on the outskirts of the town of Mamadysh. An excursion to a bee-garden was supposed to become a special event of his day. Children were told they would see a real bee-garden in the forest as well as a real bear. Local people were used to the bear that was living there in a cage. They took it for granted: a bear was caught when it was trying to eat some honey from a hive. A caught bear is supposed to live in a cage - this is an absolutely normal human logic.

The bear looked peaceful and phlegmatic - like all bears that live behind the bars of metal cages. Artyom thought, the animal would be happy to eat something yummy, a biscuit, for example, so the boy decided to do something pleasant for the bear, because it looked so sweat. However, people deprived the bear of its freedom, so it did not expect any kindness from them.

Everything happened very quickly. Artyom came up to the cage and reached out his hand to the bear. The animal put his paws between the bars, grabbed the boy, pulled him to the cage and bit his knee and thigh. At first the people around were shocked, but they quickly came to their senses and saved the boy from the bear's claws.

The boy was hospitalized, but his parents took him home soon. His condition worsened, so a special airplane took the boy to the city of Kazan. Doctors say, the boy's condition is severe: skin necrosis is developing, probably, the boy will be operated on to transplant skin. The medical forecast is generally positive, but doctors believe there will be scars left on the boy's thigh. It goes without saying, it is not the worst thing to happen.

The other participant of the story is not so lucky, though. As soon as the boy was saved from the bear, a local chief said the bear would be shot dead. This is an absolutely normal human logic too: what other punishment can be found for a wild creature that was deprived of its freedom? People believed, the bear was guilty of being a bear. No bear - no problem.

Marina Talagayeva

Author`s name Olga Savka