Author`s name Michael Simpson

USA May Introduce Sanctions Against Israel

US Department of State to curtail loans to Israel
Russia's news agency RosBusinessConsulting reports that the USA is ready to introduce economic sanctions against Israel. This was published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The reason why the sanctions may be introduced is that the Israeli government is building a concrete wall along the border with the Palestinian authority.

Construction of the first stage was completed at the end of July. In the framework of the first stage, 123 kilometers of the concrete wall have been built going from Salem Village situated to the north of Jenin to the Israeli settlement of Alkana. In addition, construction of the sectors of the protective wall 17.8 kilometers long was completed to the south and north of Jerusalem. Each kilometer of the wall costs the Israeli taxpayers $1 million. 
The US Department of State has already suggested that loans to Tel Aviv must be curtailed. However, the sanctions will come into effect only if the proposition will be approved by George W. Bush. Earlier the US president objected to construction of the wall. Over the long history of the US-Israeli relations, this has become the strongest blow delivered against America's strategic partner in the Middle East.