Russian Military Hospital Bombed in North Osetia

At least 50 dead bodies have been taken from under the rubble of the military hospital

Deputy Prosecutor General in the Southern administrative district of Russia Sergey Fridinsky stated, law-enforcement bodies determined, where the act of terrorism in the Mozdok-based military hospital had been prepared and how.

"Law-enforcement bodies know, where and how the terrorist act in Mozdok was prepared. The security neglect is obvious," Fridinsky said in a statement on Saturday. Answering a question about a possible connection between terrorist acts in Mozdok and in Moscow, Fridinsky said that it was too early to talk about it.

According to the latest information, 50 dead bodies have been taken from under the ruins of the military hospital, RIA Novosti reported. Spokesman for the Russian EMERCOM in the Southern administrative district said, there was another body found under the rubble.

Mikhail Shatalov, head of the North Osetian government said, more than 70 people were injured as a result of the blast that had been performed by a suicide bomber - a terrorist blew up a KamAZ truck filled with explosives. Shatalov stated, rescuing works would be most likely over on Saturday evening. The chairman of the N. Osetian government said, three stories of the demolished building and a big part of the adjacent territory had already been cleared of ruins. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov is expected to come to Mozdok soon.

President Vladimir Putin ordered Sergey Ivanov to fly for Mozdok. Earlier, the head of the Russian state ordered law-enforcement bodies to conduct a thorough investigation of the terrorist act at the military hospital in Mozdok. Putin also ordered to investigate the reasons, which made the crime possible on the territory of the guarded military building.

More than a thousand of rescuers are currently lifting slabs of concrete with their bare hands and heavy machinery, desperately searching for the people buried under the rubble. Rescuers arrived in Mozdok from the Russian Stavropol region, from the Kabardino-Balkaria republic, Ingushetia and North Osetia. Eighty seven units of machinery are involved in the works as well as specially trained dogs.

Nikolay Lityuk, spokesman for the Russian EMERCOM said, there was not a great need in medicines and plasma: "The defense ministry has enough medicines," Lityuk said.

Sergey Shoygu, EMERCOM head stated, up to 18 people could be buried under the rubble of the military hospital. "I am being informed about the rescuing works in Mozdok. About 18 people might be buried under the ruins there," Shoygu told reporters Saturday in the republic of Khakasia, where he was staying on a work visit. Shoygu said, rescuers perform successful work in Mozdok. "The first rescue team arrived at the site of the incident in 18 minutes after the explosion," Shoygu said. As far as his personal visit to North Osetia is concerned, Sergey Shoygu said, the decision to fly to the republic would depend on the situation in Mozdok and on the site of the terrorist act.

Author`s name Olga Savka