Author`s name Olga Savka

Chechen Police Officers Fight Chechen Terrorists

Police officers managed to eliminate ringleaders in Grozny

The special operation to trace guerrillas is currently taking place in the Chechen capital, Grozny. The Chechen police and law-enforcement officers from various Russian regions are taking part in the process. Buvady Dakhiyev, deputy commander of the Chechen special police unit said, his military men were constantly enabled in special operations: "Our actions are of the targeted character. We were working for several days in the settlement of Alkhana-Kala - our officers detained three men of the bandit command, we managed to obtain the valuable information too," said Dakhiyev.

Colonel Alexander Khlybov, Deputy Interior Minister of Chechnya said, law-enforcement bodies had managed to destroy and arrest dozens of criminals, including field commander Ulubayev, who was previously subordinated to Barayev. He took part in the abduction and execution of Russian Interior Ministry General Gennady Shpigun and in the abduction of Russian presidential envoy Valentin Vlasov. Five strong bandit groups have stopped their existence - they have conducted numerous crimes and acts of terrorism in Grozny and other settlements of Chechnya.

The Chechen police have liquidated Rustam Arsanukayev's ring of Vakhabits. They committed 16 serious crimes wearing the police uniform. Chechen police officers determined in the beginning of March of the current year that Arsanukayev was staying in an apartment in Kirov Avenue in Grozny. During the siege, the ringleader showed a very strong resistance, shooting from two guns and throwing grenades. The Vakhabit was shot dead in the head.

A killer from Arsanukayev's ring, Aslan Vakhayev, has been recently detained too. The man turned out to be a student of a Grozny college. He wrote a note that we decided to publish on the site. Proper names have been changed for the sake of the investigation:

"In the autumn of the year 2000, when my classes began, Rustam Arsanukayev came to our college. We were sitting on a bench in the yard, Fatima - Arsanukayev's girlfriend - did not show up at the classes. She was a second-year student of the financial department of the college. During the conversation, Rustam pointed to the girl, who was standing near the window on the second storey, and asked me, if I knew her. That was a young girl of about 20 years old, she had an oval face, her fair hair was not long. She was a student of the accounting department. Arsanukayev told me that she was living next to him, he also said that her lifestyle was not very nice. Rustam said that her boyfriends were bothering him with their noisy cars, and he dropped a hint that she should be killed. Later on, I realized from his conduct that he had started stalking the girl. Her last name was Astamirova, and one autumn day Rustam offered me to kill her. He showed up at the college at about midday, I got into the car, we talked, and offered me to kill the girl.

"Astamirova was walking towards the information science school, someone was probably waiting for her there. A little bit later, Rustam was following a brown VAZ-2106 vehicle. He told me that Astamirova was inside that car. When we saw them pulling over, we stopped too. In about 20 minutes we heard the sound of a slamming door of the car. Rustam gave me a Makarov gun with a silencer - he said that I would have to shoot.

"I was walking towards the car. Astamirova was there with a young man of 30-32 years old - he had come to see her in the college several times before. The rear left door of their car was open, and as I was approaching them, I noticed that the girl and the man were sitting on the back seat. The guy was sitting backwards to me, so he did not see me. When the girl saw me holding a gun, she started screaming, telling me not to shoot. I pulled the trigger and shot the guy in the head first. It was my first time, I was very nervous. Then I shot the girl about three times and ran towards our car.

"Rustam was watching me not very far from the car. When he got in, I asked him to drive very fast - I wanted to get away from the place of the crime. We went to the city and I got out near my building. The same day in the evening, we met again in the yard of school N56, which is very close to where I live. Rustam told me that he had been to the site of the crime again - he drove the car with the two dead bodies to another place. He could see that I was lost - he told me that it would be fine very soon. He did not tell me what he had done to the bodies."

Aslan Vakhayev will be put on trial - most likely, he will reject the testimony and say that he had been pressed to testify. Hopefully, it will not save him from the sentence that he deserves.

When Chechen police officers shot Rustam Arsanukayev, the city Office of the Public Prosecutor instituted criminal proceedings against the officers that had stormed the bandit's apartment. The case existed for less than a month and was then closed. Probably, they realized the idiocy of the charges brought against the people, who struggle with murderers.