Author`s name Olga Savka

Massive Fights Hit Moscow

Three Chechen men stab three Russian citizens in the metro

A fight has recently taken place on the Moscow metro station Kiyevskaya. Three Chechen men stabbed three Russians. According to the information from the Moscow Principal Police Department, the incident happened at 1:25 a.m. on Thursday.

Two 25-year-old young Chechen men and one 28-year-old Chechen man from the Ivanovo region quarreled with three Russian young men (two of them came from Lipetsk and one from Kursk) on the Kiyevskaya metro station. Chechens attacked Russians and stabbed them. The wounded men were hospitalized, police officers arrested the three Chechen criminals, the investigation was started.

Another fight with Caucasian natives took place earlier in the afternoon near the metro station of Cherkizovskaya in the eastern district of Moscow. Two men were killed in the fight. The fight was reported to a police department at 11:20 a.m. When police officers arrived at the site of the incident, they found out that a quarrel had occurred between the men of the Caucasian origin. The quarrel developed into a fight, in which firearms, steel chains and rods were used. About 50 men took part in the fight.

Police officers managed to stop the fight and arrest ten men. Two fighters were taken to the 36th city hospital, where they subsequently deceased. Three cars disappeared from the site of the incident near the Cherkizovskaya metro station. One of them was stopped later on, the driver and the passengers were taken to a police station.

"Ten people have been arrested on the fact of the massive fight in the east of Moscow, including two drivers that were taking people away. For the time being, one may not say that all of the detained men have taken part in the fight. The investigation will find this out," a spokesman for the Moscow Police Department said.

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