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Moscow's Dynamo Stadium Nearly Blown Up?

A suspicious man resembling a Caucasian who laid the explosives wasn't detained
A large terrorist act was prevented near the Dynamo stadium on Leningradsky Avenue in Moscow on Wednesday. About 50 meters from one of the entrances to the Dynamo stadium, the police discovered two RGD-5 Blast and Fragmentation Grenades (Offensive); a thread was attached to the grenades and stretched across a foot-path.

A correspondent reported from the site of the incident that a garden behind small shops near the metro, the place where the explosives were discovered, was cordoned off with people in civilian clothes. In order to prevent an accident similar to the one that occurred in Tverskaya Street when a FSB officer was blown up, the whole of the territory near the small shops was cordoned off. Personnel of the nearby cafes were evacuated.

The grenades were discovered about 5:45 p.m. Moscow time; an explosives expert neutralized them at 7:10 p.m. Then the grenades were removed to a special testing ground for liquidation. Brigades of the EMERCOM, the FSB and policemen with dogs were working at the site of the incident. Two policemen noticed a man of Caucasian origin setting the explosive device near the Dynamo stadium. When the man saw the policemen approaching him he fled; the police failed to detain the man.

In the bushes where the suspicious man was noticed the police discovered a box with wires, two RGD-5 blast and fragmentation grenades (offensive) and threads that were stretched from the box across a foot-path that led to the stadium. Sources in the Department for Fighting with Organized Crime told Interfax journalists that Chechen terrorists often use such mines on mountain paths.

An investigation was started in connection with the discovery of the grenades near the Dynamo stadium. There are two versions of the incident. It may be connected with the recent acts of terrorism (the explosions at the rock concert in Tushino on July 5 and liquidation of an explosive in Moscow's Tverskaya Street) and with skirmish between criminal groups.