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US Plane Downed in Iraq. No Comments from Pentagon

As a result of the recent terrorist attacks about 10 American servicemen were wounded or killed
A group naming itself "Islamic National Resistance" said in a statement broadcast by the Qatar satellite television al-Jazeera on Tuesday that it had caused much damage to the US occupation forces in Iraq. The information is reported by Russia's

The statement says that militants belonging to the group managed to bring down a transport aircraft near the settlement of El-Mahmoudia not far from Baghdad.

The Islamic National Resistance declares that Arabian and Islamic countries mustn't send their troops to Iraq in response to persistent claims of the USA. The organization also appeals to members of a recently created transitional government of Iraq. Russia's news agency ITAR-TASS reports that the appeal called on members of the new government "to be devoted to the interest of the homeland and the Iraqi people".

The Dubai-based al-Arabiya television reported in a night news program that American patrol was fired upon near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Several armed sorties have been recently organized in Baghdad. As a result of the terrorist attacks about 10 American servicemen were wounded and killed.