Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

Othello from Yaroslavl Strangled his Woman

Alexander Krylov, 28, from the Russian city of Yaroslavl experienced the highest nerve-strain: like Shakespeare's Othello, enraged with jealousy and resentment he strangled his beloved
Tatyana and Alexander Krylov lived in a common-law marriage for several years. At first, relations were wonderful, the couple managed to reach mutual understanding. The lovers even planned to register the marriage officially. However, as it often happens, the tender affection fell to pieces because of everyday problems; the couple became strangers to each other. Still, Alexander had a heart for Tatyana while the relationship turned out to be mere torture for the woman. Once she decided to tell her man she would abandon him. She couldn't have expected that the news will make Alexander furious. 

The thought that he might lose his love turned phlegmatic Alexander into a violent monster. In a fit of anger he abused the woman and threatened her that she might die if she didn't change her decision. Tatyana made desperate attempts to calm Alexander down, but everything was in vain. Alexander got mad with fury, attacked the woman and strangled her. After that he couldn't come to his senses for a very long time. 

The case on Yaroslavl Othello and Desdemona is being considered in the regional court. If Alexander's guilt is proved he will be immediately jailed.

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