Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

More Facts About Coalition Losses in Iraq, Very Strange Ones

Casualties among Iraqi civil population make up 6-7.6 thousand people
204 American and 43 British servicemen have been killed since the beginning of Iraq war. This includes 66 American and 10 British soldiers slain after the official cessation of the war, after May 1 64 American servicemen died, as a result of being fired upon by coalition forces and so on (40 of them died after May 1); 29 British servicemen fell victims as a result of accidents as well (four died after May 1). The information was reported by the US central command in Iraq.

The US Command estimates losses of Iraq at 2,320 servicemen; Arabian mass media report that losses among the Iraqi civil population close to 8,000. 

Despite the numerous casualties among US servicemen after the official cessation of the war, President George W. Bush once again promised on June 3 that the American troops would stay in Iraq until a stable democratic government was introduced in the country.

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