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Explosions in Moscow: Russian Oligarchs Act Together with Chechen Terrorists

PRAVDA.Ru source is certain that it was not the last joint action of oligarchs and terrorists

Salambek Maigov, envoy to fugitive Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, rejected Maskhadov's implication in the act of terrorism in the Moscow Tushino district, which took place on Saturday. In an interview to Echo of Moscow radio station, Maigov said, President Maskhadov and members of the government of the Ichkeria republic (Chechnya) had always been strongly against such actions. In addition to it, Maigov said, "it is not ruled out that the explosions were of the political character."

However, if the police claim to find a Chechen link in the terrorist act during a major rock concert in Moscow, Ichkeria's government will reject any connection to this terror act. The Chechen envoy also expressed hope that the Russian authorities "would not have such suspicions" either.

PRAVDA.Ru's source close to Chechen administration chairman Akhmad Kadyrov said that the two explosions in Moscow had been performed by the people who wanted to break the peaceful process in Chechnya. Those people, the source said, wanted to intimidate both Muscovites and the Chechens, who had realized their mistakes and started taking the side of the new Chechen government. Explosions in Moscow were timed to the announcement of the presidential election in the Chechen republic, the source said.

"If we try to think, who organizes, funds and executes acts of terrorism, and where such people come from, we need to recollect, how hastily the State Duma had passed the amnesty law for Chechnya," the source said. The law was passed very quickly, everything was very superficial about it. As a result, taking into account the corruption in legal and law enforcement systems of Russia and Chechnya, the criminals, who have committed heinous crimes, will be jailed for five or ten years.

"The corruption at courts, prosecuting bodies and police will continue to behave as they have been until Russia and Chechnya have normal laws. Acts of terrorism, like the one that happened during the rock festival in Moscow on Saturday, will be a usual thing to happen," PRAVDA.Ru's source said.

However, Chechen envoy Salambek Maigov is certain that the latest act of terrorism in Moscow was totally different from all previous ones, because old partners had united to perform it. First and foremost, the explosions at Moscow's Tushino airdrome are supposed to strike a blow on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has recently ventured to take new decisive and principal steps. The Russian president decided to crack down on oil oligarchs, who had utterly forgotten laws and decencies.

Our source also said that Russian oil oligarchs would continue making money on the oil business in Chechnya, as they did it before. It is an open secret that the oil transit via Chechnya has provided huge profits both for Boris Berezovsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky (president of the oil company Yukos), and a lot of other oil oligarchs and their closest partners - Chechen terrorists. Our source believes, it was not the last action of oligarchs and terrorists.

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