Author`s name Olga Savka

Nationalist Ukrainians Attack Russian Cafe

Nationalist ideas are widely spread in Western Ukraine

An unknown criminal threw a bottle of flammable liquid in a window of the Russian Book cafe in the center of the city of Lvov, Ukraine. The incident happened on June 21st at night. Luckily, the bottle did not blast. Another window of the cafe was broken with a stone. There was one person in the cafe, when the incident took place. If the malefactor's plans had come true, the incident would have resulted in a tragedy.

The Russian Book cafe was opened in Lvov a short time ago, on June 12th. The cafe incorporates a book store, a restaurant, and a gallery. Law-enforcement bodies of Lvov have already started investigating the incident.

Apparently, the cafe was attacked by Ukrainian nationalists, whose ideas are widely spread in Western Ukraine. This incident is not the first one. The building of the Russian Cultural Center in Lvov was defiled with obscene and outrageous writings in April. The center has been attacked nine times in recent seven years. The previous incident took place in May of 2002, when strangers blew up the door of the building at night.

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