Saddam Hussein Does Not Command Iraqi Resistance

Members of the Iraqi Resistance Brigades call Saddam an enemy

One has already noticed that news reports from Iraq has not been devoted to the progress of the US-led administration of late. Nothing has been reported about Iraqi people's participation in the establishment of the new Iraqi society. However, attacks on American military men have become rather frequent in Iraq.

Mass media are drawn to believe that the Iraqi resistance is organized and controlled from a certain center. It is rumored that it is the elusive Saddam Hussein, who commands rebellious Iraqi guerrillas. Yet, as it turns out, Saddam might not be the man, who has organized the resistance.

Qatar-based channel television al-Jazeera reported that it had obtained a statement from the previously unknown organization called the Iraqi Resistance Brigades, which had claimed the responsibility for attacking American servicemen. The statement ran that Saddam had nothing to do with the organization of attacks. Moreover, neither his followers, nor separate people or Islamic extremist groups were implicated in that either. It was also said that Saddam Hussein was the enemy, who had contributed to the destruction of Iraq and aggravated the nation's sufferings. Members of the Iraqi Resistance Brigades called themselves an association of young Iraqis and Arabs, who believed in unity, freedom and the Arab essence of Iraq.

It is hard to say, if that organization really exists in Iraq, or if it is a fruit of someone's creative imagination. One may be certain, though, that Iraqi guerrillas ambush only American soldiers. Attacks basically occur on the outskirts of Baghdad and in several town to the north and to the west of the Iraqi capital. Those are the areas, where the majority of Sunnite Iraqis live. One has to mention here that the Shiites do not partake in assaults. At least, British soldiers in the south of Iraq feel a lot more comfortable that their American colleagues in Baghdad.

Speaking of Britons: according to unconfirmed reports, the British government has recently addressed to Washington with a request to release captive senior Iraqi officials, if they agreed to reveal Saddam Hussein's and WMD's whereabouts.  The Times wrote that the British government believed that it was the only one way to achieve a certain progress. If such a suggestion has been put forward indeed, it means that Tony Blair does not feel very good because of the parliamentary investigation concerning a possible falsification of the facts about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Apparently, the British prime minister needs George W. Bush's confidence.

Author`s name Olga Savka