One fundamental question for the world community

One fundamental questions facing many big and small countries of the world alike today is whether to join ranks with those countries who support the US proposal of sending peace keeping troops to Iraq under US coalition supervision. 

Countries like Russia, France, Germany and China rejected this proposal, however countries of eastern Europe like Hungary stated that it would pull out its troops from Afghanistan and divert them to Iraq under US supervision.

Earler former Soviet Republics Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan supported USA in order to get US loans and gratitude. Besides them Pakistan is also ready to act in Iraq under the US flag. Uzbekistan after rendering its support to US proposal specified that only Uzbek specialists-engineers,construction workers and doctors will go to Iraq as they already worked there in 1980,but no uzbek soldier will set their foot on the land of Iraq.This was officially announced by the president of the Uzbekistan Mr. Islam karimov during the 11th session of the Parliament.
It seems that due to increasing pressure within US, the Bush administration instructed the secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld to do everything to replace maximum US troops in Iraq by peace keeping troops from a large fraction of the world community.At present 125000 US troops are stationed in Iraq and every day in clashes with various groups,who are not happy with US presence in Iraq,are suffering casulties. Mass media of the USA has been reminding the Bush administration that US military presence in Iraq,Afghanistan and Korea has negative impact on moral strenght of US army. Bush, unhappy with negative reaction of the Russia,France and Germany,has intensifyied his efforts.

High level US delegation will pay visit to India. During recent visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of India to USA he had a meeting with president Bush. In the protocol of the meeting dedicated to relationship between India and pakistan US side added one point regarding sending Indian peace keeping troops to Iraq. When Indian Dy.P.M. expressed his inability to commit on this issue immediately it was decided that a hgh level US delegation will visit India to discuss this issue.
According to the international experts such decision will be unacceptable for India in view of its non alignment policy being persued for dozens of years. Besides that Indian parliament passed the resolution criticising activity of the coalition in Iraq.
This s true that the UN has urged the world community to render assistance in restoration of Iraq,but at the same time this organisation has kept itself aloof from forming multinational peace keeping troops in Iraq. Moreover such multinational peace keeping troops will be acting in Iraq mainly under the command of the USA.
Clever Bush pretending to restore law and order situation in Iraq,in fact, would like to shift off the burden of responsibility from shoulders of USA on other countries letting them die in sporadic clashes with the rioters in Iraq. Meanwhile US Secretary of Defense is visiting countries one by one in order to convince them to support the US proposal.Rumsfeld again tried to heal ties with Germany,Poland and Romania on last Wednesday. It should be mentioned here that Germany's relations with the US were badly damaged when the Chancellor joined Russia and France in voicing oppostion regarding US military action in Iraq.
In particular, it is too early to predict what will be the result of such efforts, but one thing is clear - in order to ease the internal pressure and to increase moral spirit of the US army USA is shifting off the burden related to law and order situation in Iraq. In other words from the own shoulders to the shoulders of the other countries but under US coalition supervision. As after expending millions and millions they are keen to look after their own only own benefits.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey