Teacher Tortured Two Teenage Girls

The fierce woman humiliated two girls in other children's presence

A 30-year-old teacher has been recently arrested in a small town in the Vitebsk region of the Belarussian republic. The woman was arrested for beating two girls (of 14 and 16 years old) of the town's boarding school. The fierce teacher beat the girls, choked them, made them crawl on their knees in her office, where she switched them with a wire of a tape recorder. She did that in other children's presence. After beating the girls, the woman ordered other children to cut the girls' hair and undress them to their underwear. The children were too afraid of the teacher, so they just did what she asked them to do. However, they soon went to a police station and asked for help. As it became known, the woman tortured the two teenage girls because they had not returned from their holiday on time. Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the woman.


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Author`s name Olga Savka