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Oil in Exchange for Resolution

The United Nations Organization is said to perform a nominal role in post-war restoration of Iraq
Having spent millions of dollars on Saddam's regime overthrowing, the USA is now stirring up its diplomatic efforts. The reason why the USA is acting like this is evident: it wants to keep its authority in Iraq under the limited role of the UN for a year at least. Main objective of this wish is to get access to the Iraqi oil. 

Great Britain and Spain will support US's proposition, but Russia, France, Germany, China and some other members of the UN Security Council are likely to object against the project once again. It is quite clear why the divergence of opinions is so obvious: the US's project of a resolution on Iraq says that United Nations program "Oil For Food" will be suspended for several months. The program came into effect as soon as the UN imposed sanctions on Iraq in connection with its work on weapons of mass destruction development; it blocked Iraq's free trade in oil. As a result, the country had to coordinate all kinds of oil deals with the UN.

Although the project of US's resolution on Iraq hasn't been announced publicly yet, it is perfectly evident that the USA is trying to gain control over Iraq's oil reserves with the help of provisional administration; at that the United Nations Organization is said to perform a nominal role. The same way as it was in Afghanistan when the provisional government headed by Hamid Karzai knew about America's intentions, but all the same kept silent. The situation is highly likely to repeat this time in Iraq. Indeed, people like to occupy ministerial positions and they will be silent as well. For the time being, the USA admits that the situation in Afghanistan is bad and intricate. At the same time, the US Administration declares that in spite of its participation in the post-war restoration of Iraq, the USA keeps its obligations in Afghanistan. It is an open secret that the USA can fulfil two tasks at a time when both are advantageous for the country.

Now we understand that the USA is moving aside international organizations as well as other UN Security Council members. With the help of the provisional administration, America will establish complete control over oil resources of the country. The USA may say that money obtained in oil deals is spent on rendering humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people and on restoration of the post-war economy. If the American project of a resolution on Iraq is adopted, America will keep its rule in the country for one year more. If the UN Security Council rejects the project of the resolution, the USA and Great Britain will use the veto right to block any other document concerning Iraq. The countries say that military presence of the USA and Great Britain is essential for Iraq now.

On the other hand, other UN Security Council members won't agree to US's complete control over Iraq’s oil resources. There are many countries that will speak against the US variant of a resolution on Iraq. The strength of the opposition on the problem will be clear this week already when the US variant of the resolution is to submitted for voting. In any case, the USA needs to get support of 9 members of the total number of 15 in the UN Security Council on condition that other members don't use the veto right.
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