Polish Forces Reach Euphrates

All talks about the UN's key role in the post-war restoration of Iraq resulted in nothing
America can show how it appreciates help. At that, generosity of the White House can be truly unlimited. What is necessary to make Washington completely preoccupied with the idea how to return its kindness for the support it has got? Practically nothing at all, mere trifles. Let's take Poland for example: it sent a company of soldiers to Iraq before the war. It is surprising what great return the company of 200 soldiers brought. They were given a whole sector of the Iraqi territory somewhere between Basra and Baghdad.

Iraq is to be divided into zones, it is not clear whether there will be 3 or 4 sectors. The biggest zone will be occupied by American "peacemakers", the British forces will be present in the second sector, the third one will be occupied by self-sacrificing Poles who rendered assistance to the USA in its hard times. It is not clear who will be in charge of the fourth zone if this zone is to be actually created. In fact, the British and the Poles will not be allowed to be independently in charge of their zones; contingents from Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Bulgaria will render assistance with this hard business. It is likely that a contingent from Ukraine may come. The man who overthrew Saddam Hussein, Tommy Franks will be in command of the zones. To tell the truth, nobody doubted he would.

Now we can once again say that the role of the UN in the post-war restoration of Iraq will be minimal. Is it actually to be zero? The international organization will be in charge of humanitarian aid distribution among the Iraqi civil population. It may be given this role.

Selection of countries for participation in the peacemaking mission is not surprising at all. All of them actively supported the war and participated in it as much as they could. So now, as thanks to these countries, they are given an opportunity to participate in the occupation activity in Iraq. It is really valuable experience for them.

The only conclusion that can be drawn in connection with the occupation zones story is that all talks about the UN's key role in the post-war restoration of Iraq resulted in nothing. To tell the truth, this result could have been forecasted even before US missiles started falling on Iraq. Under the present-day conditions, it is rather some kind of a political ritual to say that it is the United Nations Organization that must be at head of the post-war restoration in Iraq. All the same, Iraqis will be guided to democracy by US-appointed people. And Poles will render their assistance at that as well.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson