UN Representative: Anarchy and Lawlessness are More Dangerous Than Military Conflict

The situation of anarchy and lawlessness reigning in the major Iraqi settlements is much more dangerous than the military conflict itself, coordinator of UN humanitarian programs in Iraq Ramiro da Silva told a press conference in Amman on Saturday.

The fact that representatives of the International Red Cross in Iraq, working there through the whole, are unable to perform their mission proved that. It is possible to maintain some contacts between two sides of the armed conflict, Ramiro da Silva said. There is nobody to agree with in the situation of anarchy.

Lawlessness and chaos prevent basic social services in Iraqi cities from functioning and give Iraqis false notion of democracy, the UN representative said. Finally anarchy may affect rural areas and plundering will transform into revenge. Unfortunately, Mosul has already witnessed such incidents.

According to Ramiro da Silva, the coalition forces "failed to fulfil their obligations" within the framework of the Geneva Convention which made occupation authorities responsible for maintaining order in the occupied territories. Nevertheless, some facts prove that the coalition command "adequately perceived" appeals of the International Red cross, other UN humanitarian organisations and the international community to put an end to lawlessness in Iraq.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin