Some of Gang Members Killed in Chechnya were Arabs

Arab mercenaries were among the members of the gang recently eliminated in Chechnya's Shatoisky district, the press service of the United Group of Troops told RIA Novosti on Friday.

According to a Group representative, the police have recently managed to identify one of the killed bandits who came from some Arab country. The bandit's name is kept secret in the interests of the investigation. All the killed bandits were dressed in foreign camouflaged uniforms.

A large-calibre machine-gun, a grenade discharger, 7 submachine guns, many hand grenades and several thousand cartridges were found at the site of the incident, the press service pointed out.

During a recent special operation in the Shatoisky district, near the Zona settlement, intelligence officers from the Russian Defence Ministry eliminated a 7-strong bandit group. None of the intelligence officers was hit.