Reports about American Tanks in Baghdad Contradictory - 7 April, 2003

Two American tanks have entered the territory of the presidential complex in Baghdad, says the Al-Arabiya television channel which broadcasts live from the Iraqi capital. According to the channel, the Americans have captured one of the palaces in that complex, and battles are going on in another.

The Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, told reporters on Monday morning that there were no American troops in the centre of Baghdad. According to the minister, the decision to attack Baghdad was "suicide" and the fruit of "a sick mind." According to the information minister, the US troops stand at the walls of Baghdad and are sustaining great losses.

All districts of Baghdad, which the news reports say are allegedly captured by the forces of the coalition, are actually in the Iraqis' control, including the building of the Information Ministry. He said that the troops which had invaded Baghdad were destroyed. A small number of American tanks did enter the city, but the greater part of the American military were killed, said al-Sahhaf. "We have managed to cope with the situation," emphasised the minister.

The minister recommended the reporters to be more accurate.