London to Use Concrete Bombs in Iraq - 5 April, 2003

The British Air Force starts using concrete bombs in Iraq, an official spokesman of the British Air Force group in Kuwait told RIA Novosti on Saturday by telephone.

This type of arms, he said, is designed for destroying specific military targets. The principle of action of a concrete bomb is based on kinetic energy, while such a bomb has no explosive material in it.

The British Air Force spokesman in Kuwait pointed out that such bombs destroy a target causing no harm to people nearby. Besides, these bombs have a precise homing system, he said.

It is expected that concrete bombs will be used for bombing targets in Iraq in the coming few days, if the main stress of the operation is on combats in city streets.

Concrete bombs are used to reduce possible casualties among civilians, as during the use of ammunitions staffed with explosives the risk for civilians is too high, the spokesman said.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin