Panic in the Iraqi Administration

News agencies report different information

The Iraqi crisis develops on the scenario, which can hardly be called the best for the current world order. If the UN Security Council was a board, which could assist in coming to a certain consent, the current world order would be preserved for long, in spite of the fact that it seemed to be rather anachronistic after the events of September 11th. However, the UN proved its inefficiency again: this organization is incapable of finding a compromise to stop a superpower. 

It can be clearly seen that Russia and China realized their risk, when they rejected the American administration’s stand regarding Iraq. France managed to play the role of a grave digger for the current world order, in which its influence did not correspond to its opportunities. No one cares now that France is a constant UN Security Council member, and Germany, India and Japan are not.

News agencies have recently reported that Saddam’s elder son Uday attempted to escape from Iraq. However, other pieces of information said that neither Saddam Hussein, nor his sons were going to flee. Uday Hussein (38 years old) has been malcontent recently about his brother Qusay’s appointment for the position of the Iraqi Republican Guards commander. The Guards’ major objective is to defend Iraq. This appointment means that Saddam Hussein virtually handed over the reins of government to his younger son. Qusay has great advantages in comparison with Uday now.

Probably, it was Qusay’s appointment, which made Uday flee. A Kuwait-based newspaper reported that Uday had a secret conspiracy with Jordanians to escape to Amman.  He has been recently detained and put under custody in a presidential palace.

Another persona from the Iraqi administration decided to follow Saddam Hussein son’s example. It goes about Tarik Aziz, the Vice Prime Minister of Iraq. Qatar-based television channel Al-Jazeera, as well as other media outlets, reported that Tarik Aziz was allegedly wounded, when he tried to escape from the country. As it was reported, Aziz headed to Turkey. Iraqi opposition spokesman Ismail Zayer told Free Europe radio station that Tarik Aziz was heading to the Kurds-occupied terrain of the country. Zayer stated that Aziz was shot on his way there. He added that the Iraqi opposition had its reasons to believe that Aziz attempted to escape to the Kurds-populated area of Iraq.

Iraqi charge d'affaires in Bulgaria, Yahia Mahdi, rejected that information. He stated that it was absolutely not true. “Mr. Aziz is known as a true patriot of Iraq, he will not leave his country until the very last minute,” said Mahdi. He set out a hope that the news about Aziz’s death was just a piece of cheap anti-Iraqi propaganda. “They are aggressors, they have no idea either of the international or of the foreign relations practice,” the diplomat commented. The Iraqi ambassador to Moscow rejected the information about Tarik Aziz’s attempted escape as well. The ambassador said that the Iraqi vice prime minister was still in Baghdad. A spokesman for the American administration also said that the news about Tarik Aziz’s alleged death was simply a rumor.

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka