Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Russians Trying to Save Disabled US Trawler

The Alaska Patriot trawler of the United States was disabled in the Pacific Ocean several days ago. Russia's Maria practice ship took her in tow; but the rope broke in the evening of April 10th during a heavy storm, reports the Vladivostok fishing-fleet monitoring service. Moreover, a small leak was discovered in the Alaska Patriot's hull.

Meanwhile her 11 crew members are safe and sound aboard the Maria.

Five-meter waves are preventing the Russians from towing the US trawler once again; moreover, the Alaska Patriot's main engine is out of order.

The Maria has been following the drifting US trawler for over 17 hours in a row.

The Alaska Patriot sailed out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, to Japan for repairs. Her main engine stopped working April 4th. Consequently, the trawler drifted helplessly. The ship's captain thus had to send out a distress signal.

The trawler drifted on the high seas for over 48 hours. Happily enough, the Maria practice trawler came to the rescue April 6th, towing her in the direction of the South Kurile archipelago's Kunashiri island.

Japan's Shintatsu Maru ocean-going tug rushed to the rescue from Wakkanai sea-port (northern Japan) April 7th.

The Japanese tug was to have taken the Alaska Patriot in tow April 10th. Unfortunately, this ship has now found herself in the eye of a powerful storm.