Did the terrorist have the plan of the Theatre Centre?

In the basement of the Theatre Centre, in this September the gay-club Central Station 2 was opened. The owner of the club – Chechen Ilya Abaturov, while the joint owner is Ruslan, the husband of pop-star Kristina Orbakaite. Before the club was opened it was remodelled. For remodelling, the Chechens should have needed the plan of the building with all communications.

Since the Theatre Centre was captured by terrorists, law-enforcers and Alpha Group settled down in the club rooms, for the club sides with the Theatre Centre.

Ilya Abaturov reported to the journalists: “Yesterday night, our club was closed (it is open from Thursday to Sunday). Though our friends were shooting a film there. As the gunmen attacked the spectators and actors in the hall, law-enforcers asked everybody to immediately vacate the club. So, we were forced to obey. In the central station, Russian militaries make themselves. Now, there is a kind of headquarter of Russian law-enforcers and Alpha Group.

At a distance of about 500 m from the Central Station, one of our people watches and reports about everything what happens around the Theatre Centre. As we have learned, the law-enforcers opened all stores with food and alcohol, the kitchen of the club and occupied all household rooms of the club. In this very tragic situation, it would be cynical to say about our damage, though we are concerned with possible marauding: in the club, there is a very expensive musical equipment. So we hope for the military decency. We are afraid of possible explosion, as well as the whole country, because a bigger grief could not be imagined than what now feel relatives of the hostages.”

Yegor Belous

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova