Huge amount of weapons and ammunition confiscated in Chechnya over last 24 hours - 8 October, 2002

A huge amount of weapons and ammunition have been confiscated in Chechnya over the past 24 hours, the source at the regional operative staff of the control of the counterterror operation in the North Caucasus said to RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The members of the Interior Department of the Achkhoi-Martan district discovered ammunition and foodstuff through the operative and research actions in the settlement of Bumut. They were kept in nearly destroyed non-residential houses. Totally, 20 mortar mines, more than 5,000 rounds, 26 grenades, 26 rounds for an underbarrel grenade launcher, as well as 8 bags of flours, salt and soda were removed.

Moreover, in the settlement of Avtury, Shalinsky district, the policemen discovered a hiding-place near the poultry farm containing 2 shells, 12 rounds for a grenade launcher and five 400-gram TNT block.

Totally, 3 machine guns, 2 hunting rifles, more than 6,000 rounds, 33 grenades, 29 artillery shells, 20 mines, 11 fuses, 3.1 kg of trotyl were withdrawn over the past 24 hours. Two home-made explosive devices were discovered and eliminated.

During the operative and research actions policemen inspected 13,373 vehicles, checked 16,630 men through the automatic information system and revealed 228 administrative offences.

Moreover, three small oil-processing factories were discovered and eliminated. At the checkpoint one petrol tanker and more than one ton of petrol products were confiscated.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin