Who is behind bloody Palm Sunday in Egypt

Explosions took place in Egypt Sunday morning. The first one killed 13 people in a church in the city of Tanta, more than 70 were injured.

Later, a suicide bomber tried to enter a cathedral in Alexandria. He exploded himself just at the entrance, claiming lives of 13 people, including 3 officers and one sergeant. About 40 got injured.

It is noted that Pope Tawadros II, leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, was present in the church for the moment. Fortunately, he was not injured.

All in all, three explosions took place during the day. The Islamic State took responsibility. The number of those dead reached 16 people.

Roman Orekhov, fellow of the Center for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the International Association of Egyptologists, has told Pravda.Ru why terrorists chose churches in the Egyptian cities for attack this time.

As a rule, they always use unprotected Coptic churches, because they believe that Copts are not people. It's an old fight. Conflicts between Copts and Muslims always happen.

Today a very tense atmosphere is in the Middle East. While Egypt is overpopulated. About 130 million people live in this small territory. And the desert is not populated. Namely Copts tried to develop it. Copts, I would say, is another civilization. And they are constantly suffering.

They are not co-religionists in the Muslim community. Any economic conflict turns into a qaurrel. Copts are not as all the others - they are strong, they believe. Do you remember the Jewish pogroms? As far any social or economic conflicts occur, one to be blamed among enemies is being searched for. And who is an enemy? A Christian, because he is infidel, thus poor Copts face a bloody punishment.

Everything is not by chance. For example, there is a fact proven with documents: Marian apparition to save Copts. Today it's a huge festivity. Violence can be evidenced throughout the whole history of Egypt. Churches are exploded, people are constantly being exploded in the streets.

While ISIS is just a cult, flag they raised in the East to allegedly defend real Muslim values. But in Egypt bloody massacres have always been, even without ISIS. Radicals just love ISIS now, they claim responsibility and join them joyfully. It's some kind of an icon for them. It there were another, they would join them.

Before that there was al-Qaeda, now it is ISIS. They compete. ISIS has more influence in Iraq and Syria, where huge funds are directed by Saudi Arabia. Thus, a pit occurs there, burning with evil, hatred for everything, culture in particular. They implement their ideals there, as they believe.

Those, who fought against Copts in Egypt (radicals, the Muslim Brothers) they have just joined ISIS, expressed their vassal dependence. They joined the banner of one emir. Thus, radicals now have an ideological cover, which justifies all the assaults and terror acts.

As soon as situation is deteriorated in the Middle East, Muslims liven up either they are on the Sinay, or Egypt itself. So, they just want to declare that they are present, and fight for purity of their faith. In fact, they just fight for their economic preferences.

The case is that Egypt is in a dire financial state. And everyone should be fed. The country exists due to sops from Saudi Arabia. That is why Egypt will always be an ally of the Saudis. It is clear from where roots of these conflicts grow.


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