Former Ukrainian POWs reveal shocking details of torture

Dozens of residents of the People's Republic of Donetsk, as well as militia fighters, returned home as a result of the ongoing exchange of prisoners of war between militia forces and Ukrainian troops. Some of them said that the soldiers of National Guard of Ukraine brutally tortured and abused prisoners. They branded victims, tortured them by electric shock and injected unknown drugs intravenously.

A militia fighter named only as Stanislav was held captive of National Guard soldiers for over a month. "For memory" of this time, his torturers branded a swastika and the word "separatist" on the body of the young man. The Ukrainian soldiers used red-hot chains and a bayonet to torture Stanislav.

Stanislav was interrogated and tortured in Kramatorsk for several days, and was then taken to the Kharkiv office of the Security Bureau of Ukraine. The young man was tied by the legs to the wheel chassis of the helicopter to fly to Kharkiv.

"They at first wanted to chop up the prisoners with helicopter blades, but then decided to fly. They started pushing me inside, but the soldiers decided that I would stain the cabin, so they tied my feet with a rope to the wheel. So I flew up to the Kharkiv like that. It was scary," he said, LifeNews reports.

Another prisoner said that the National Guards soldiers were doing everything they could to make their POWs suffer more. They did not provide any medical assistance even to severely wounded soldiers.

"I had several bullet wounds on the body. They would stick their fingers into the wounds, move them around and laugh, - says a militia fighter. - Several bullets still remain in my body. They never pulled out the shards. There was no treatment at all. They simply injected a painkiller to me saying that it will pass," the man said. 

Another militia fighter, Pavel, was taken captive in the middle of July. According to him, the National Guards soldiers were filming their atrocities on video - both tortures and executions of prisoners. Ukrainian soldiers were conducting many of those tortures in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In such cases, tortures would often end in agonizing deaths of prisoners from shock, bloodless or rupture of internal organs. Yevgeny, a militia fighter, said that the National Guard soldiers were trying to make him rape a captive woman at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Novorossiya fighters continue to discover mass graves on the outskirts of Donetsk. There were more than 30 bodies  of civilians found in the largest one of them.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov