Gaza Carnage: Merry time for Muslim Zionists

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By M. I. Bhat

"We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children." Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. (emphasis added).

That was in early 1970s, long before Hamas existed. Four decades on we hear the same argument not just from Israel but also from its Western benefactors.

The news reports and graphics of Israeli relentless and barbaric carnage and destruction coming out of Gaza convey one simple and clear message, which is this: You may blame Hitler for killing innumerable innocents but he definitely left a hell lot of evil seeds untouched.

We get this message again and again from Palestine in general for the last six and a half decades but most viciously and horribly fourth time over in the past 8 years from Gaza in particular. 

Post-WW2, these evil seeds  germinated and sprouted not just in Palestine where they created their own largest evil-weed-farm, called Israel, but broadly all over the North America and Europe where they grew and thrive as parasitic-evil-weed slowly and surely sucking moral, religious and economic life out of the ordinary Christians. Lately we find the weed has also spread over much of the Muslim world having mutated the DNA of its ruling class especially in its core countries. Unsurprisingly then we have the Christian Zionists and the Muslim Zionists shoulder-to-shoulder fighting Israel's cause, feeling absolutely immune to the cost their abject subservience to Israel exacts from their own brethren.

Christians supporting Zionist Jews in establishing and sustaining their independent-evil-weed-farm is not surprising because one could argue that it is a sort of reparations being paid by the modern-day Christians for the historical wrongs by their co-religionists to Jews. Or, as the owners they have to defend their 'infected dog," as Robert de Niro would say it.

But why should Muslim political leadership when it is the Muslims who are suffering so horribly at the hands of Zionist Jews despite the fact - accepted even by many Jew historians - that Jews have historically found peace and solace among Muslim communities? 

The short and long answer is that the current Muslim leadership is as Zionist as their Christian counterparts. The only difference between the two being that the later, having turned vast majority of their population pro-Zionists (Friends of Israel, Christians United For Israel), doesn't feel hamstrung to openly accept and flaunt the fact while the former plays it stealthily because the very illegal entity, born out of grave injustice, is anathema to the faith and recent experiences of their people.

Without a word of sympathy for the carnage and destruction, Gazans have been collectively suffering for the past over two and a half weeks, all we hear the Western leaders lead by President Obama and his European minions saying, "Israel has right to self-defense."  What about Gazans right to life without Israeli siege, let alone freedom from Israeli occupation, is off Obama's table. The man has revealed himself black not merely in the color of his skin but deep in his heart and soul.

What really is surprising is that whatever condemnation we hear of Israel and its continuing war crimes in Gaza it is by the so-called "self-hating Jews" and "anti-Semitic" Christians but nothing from Muslim Zionists.

Here is a sample from a Christian:

"Right now as I type, everyone is becoming a Palestinian.  Everyone is a now a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian a China Man, a Russian. We are at the very beginning of a new one love humanity that will look back at our primitive years in the 20th century as a shameful backward sense of being." - Johnny Punish, who rightly calls Gaza the "Auschwitz Gaza" and "The Maximum Security Prison."

And a Jew:

"The international community has not done enough to stop the Israeli regime of occupation... As a result, Israel does not pay any price for seriously violating international law and human values... We, the citizens of Israel and the stateless people of Palestine ...... need you to prosecute the Israeli government and army, we need you to boycott Israeli economy and culture, we need you to urge your government to stop profiting from the occupation..." -- Nurit Peled-Elhanan, a professor at Hebrew University, Israel.

In contrast, here is one of Zionist al-Sisi's infected dog:

"Thank you Netanyahu, and God give us more men like you to destroy Hamas!"-- Azza Sami, a writer for government daily Al-Ahram.

The Muslim Zionists have forked tongues. One part they use in kissing American ass and the other they (a few among them with the intention of claiming leadership of the Muslim world) use to express outrage against Israeli siege and bombardment of Gazans. Had they been sincere in their sympathy for the Palestinians, Arab League or Organization of "Islamic" Countries wouldn't have let Egypt close Rafa crossing that continues even during the current indescribably horrible circumstances for the Gazans.

The drama played at the UN by the Muslim Zionists of the Arab League to seek halt to the Israeli bombardment on the caged Gazans wasn't for the love of those hapless but a PR exercise for their own oppressed populace. The Zionist al-Sisi (most likely in consultation with Saudi King) went a step further by brokering on his own a ceasefire deal with Israel with the sinister motive to delegitimize Hamas - a democratically-elected political entity more legitimate than the Jewish-, Christian- and Muslim-Zionist co-opted Mahmoud Abbas' sold-out PLO. Credit goes to the political sagacity of the Hamas leadership that smelled the foul play right in the nick of time and rejected the deal.

Hamas' Islamic ideological moorings is as grave a threat for the current Muslim political leadership as it is for Israel. Both are illegitimate and occupying forces.  It is therefore natural that the Arab world's three most politically and religiously important countries - Saudi Arabia (where the reigning king claims to be self-appointed "custodian" of the Islam's two holiest mosques), Jordan (where King Abdullah claims direct lineage through his mother with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)), and Egypt (largest Arab Muslim country) -- stand together with Israel against Hamas. Unlike Egypt and Jordan, Saudi Arabia may not have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization but for all practical purposes Riyadh treats it as one - there is no official communication or contact between the two except for once in 2007 when Saudi Government invited Hamas leadership to Makkah to work out reconciliation between Hamas and PLO post-Hamas' electoral victory in Gaza. Secular Christians and even Christians Zionists among them don't have any problem with Christian Democrats but the flag bearer of Islam can't tolerate Muslim Brotherhood!

Then we have Turkey where Prime Minister Erdogan says "[Israelis] have no conscience, no honor, no pride. They curse Hitler day and night, but they have surpassed Hitler in barbarism." His EU Minister "curs[s] Israel's atrocity" on Gazans, accuses EU of "double standards, and hypocrisy," and slams Muslim countries for "remaining silent" But themselves they never expressed shame for their predecessors for being the first Muslim country to recognize Israel and establish close military ties or have no qualms in continuing to host Israeli Embassy! Unmitigated hypocrisy.

Why should Israel take Muslim protestation - if at all there is any -- seriously when it knows it is false and phony? Aren't Saudi's and Turkish working together with the US in causing death and destruction of Syrians for the sole benefit of Israel? Didn't Saudis and Israelis jointly help al-Sisi enact military coup against duly elected President Morsi to, again, help Israeli cause? Isn't Saudi Arabia helping US in its destruction of Yemen? Aren't Saudis one with Israel and the US against Iran? Name a Muslim country that didn't side with the US in destroying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Of the 54 countries known to have hosted American torture centers for Muslims, 20 are Muslim countries. The first thing the wretched Kurdish did the moment they got a chance to exercise independent control over their territory was to sell their oil, of all in the world, to Israel! Don't be surprised if tomorrow they would be firing Israel-made missiles into Iran.

A few hundred or thousand deaths of Gazans that Israeli war may claim again this time from Gaza won't make much difference to the ever-increasing death toll of the Muslims that the US and Muslim Zionists are jointly and individually claiming from Philippines to Morocco. Israelis tried it several times earlier and they know it for certain that it is will not stop Palestinians from fighting for freedom. They know they are losing this cruel war on innocent citizens of Gaza for each indiscriminate bomb and tank and naval shell on residences, business, mosques, and even hospitals, ambulances, schools and UN establishments and the resultant massacre of whole families, infants, children, old, women, infirm and disabled is pushing them into pariah corner and strengthening BDS movement.

But the worst and new losers in all this are going to be Muslim Zionists of the Arab world. They should know it is very short distance for their own IS (ISIS/ISIL) fighters from Bagdad to Riyadh and Aleppo to Amman and beyond.  And they know Allah surely has promised (Al Quran - 5:145) the hottest part of the hell for hypocrites.

Hamas will be committing suicide if it succumbs to accept the repackaged Zionist al-Sisi's ceasefire deal being negotiated by the UN Secretary General Banki Moon and the US Secretary with Mahmoud Abbas. They can't trust those who have repeatedly ditched them and they can't expect Israel to treat this ceasefire any differently from the one it agreed to as recently as in 2012. They should stick to their own set of conditions, most importantly lifting of Israeli siege and release of prisoners.

P.S.: Netanyahu says, 'Hamas is like ISIS, Hamas is like al-Qaida, Hamas is like Hezbollah, Hamas is like Boko Haram, like so many other extremist Islamist groups who reject pluralistic democracy.' Wow! See who is talking of "Pluralistic democracy!' Whatever happened to his demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jews-only state? What about on-going ethnic cleansing of Israel and West Bank?  He seems to think Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel' doesn't exist or didn't get distributed worldwide for people to know what Israel means for the second class Arab Israelis even without it being recognized as the Jews-only state! Zionist tongue after all.

M. I. Bhat

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov