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Bob Harmon в 18:41 14 марта

Jim, aside from your silly statement that Jews were responsible for Holodomor, since that would mean Stalin had no power to stop them, I mostly agree with your assessment of the current situation in Ukraine. Even

What Bob [and others] need to understand is the power of the Jews at the time of Holodomor and Stalin's powers. This issue of Stalin and the Jewish dominated Communist Party is a very intricate story and one that I have been studying for several years. We glean a bit about the private side of Stalin through Khrushchev's memoirs [Khrushchev Remembers - translated by Strobe Talbot]; wherein his private, intense hatred for the Jewish control of the Communist Party and his general anti-Semitism in general, is revealed. This was much different to his public persona. After Lenin's death, there was a major power struggle in the Communist Party - something like 90% of the party was Jewish and determine to hold power in the party. Stalin was like the proverbial "odd man out". [There is anecdotal evidence that he was previously a secret agent for the Tsar]. The struggle for power was seen publically with the assassination of Trotsky, but this internal war continued until Stalin's eventual murder by his Jewish doctor.

After that, we see the decline of the anti-Semitic sympathies and a return to more Jewish favour - Khrushchev was a Jewish sympathiser. This ebb and flow is seen now with the power struggle between Putin and the Jewish Oligarchs. Little changes in Russia other than the players.

Stalin has been made a scapegoat for much - including all the problems of Ukraine, when in truth, it is nothing more than part of the vilifying Zionist propaganda that we see continued today with Putin.  Who are the original liars?

John 8:44-45  (KJV)

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

They lied then and still lie now - no way do they want the truth to come out; that is why they control over 80% of all News outlets. [Notice however, that Christ identified two type of Jew in the Book of John - those who believed in Him and those who did not; it is those who did not who are the liars spoken of in John 8:44].

If we look at Stalin's letters to Kaganovish [the butcher of Ukraine], we can see quite a different side to Stalin than that portrayed by Western controlled media - see:

3) The most important issue right now is Ukraine. Things in Ukraine have hit rock bottom. Things are bad with regard to the party. There is talk that in two regions of Ukraine (I think it is the Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions) about 50 district party committees have spoken out against the grain-procurement plan, deeming it unrealistic. The situation in other district party committees, people say, is better. What does this look like? This is not a party but a parliament, a caricature of a parliament. Instead of leading the districts, Kosior keeps manoeuvring between the directives of the CC of the VKP(b) and the demands of the district party committees - and now he has manoeuvred himself into a total mess. Lenin was right in saying that a person who does not have the courage to swim against the current when necessary cannot be a real Bolshevik leader. Things are bad with the soviets. Chubar is no leader. Things are bad with the GPU. Redens is not up to leading the fight against the counterrevolution in such a large and distinctive republic as Ukraine.

Unless we begin to straighten out the situation in Ukraine, we may lose Ukraine. Keep in mind that Pilsudskii not daydreaming, and his agents in Ukraine are many times stronger than Redens or Kosior thinks Keep in mind, too, that the Ukrainian Communist Party (500,000 members, ha-ha) has quite a lot (yes, quite a lot) of rotten elements, conscious and unconscious Petliura adherents, and, finally, direct agents of Pilsudski. As soon as things get worse, these elements will waste no time opening a front inside (and outside) the party, against the party. The worst aspect is that the Ukraine leadership does not see these dangers.

Things cannot go on this way.

The Stalin-Kaganovich Correspondence 1931-1936. Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2003. Pp. 179-181.

Stalin-Kaganovich Korrespondentsiia Pp. 179-182.

The Ukraine is and always has been a problem for Russia; I cannot see that Russia wants to annex the Ukraine - to somehow take it back. The cost of doing so would most likely financially cripple Russia and besides, I don't think Russia wants the enmity that would tag along with Western Ukraine.What we should do however, is refer back to Winston Churchill's radio broadcast of October 1939:

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

In this regard, the annexing of Crimea was really a no-brainer - it had to happen as it was paramount to Russian national interest if it wanted to maintain the Black Sea Fleet. Yes, I know there was a lease agreement, but look at how easy it would be to terminate such agreements because of some Western shenanigans. Besides - the vast majority of the people there are ethnic Russian; and proud of it. They are also smart enough to realise that their standard of living was going to significantly drop as a result of the deal the illegitimate government is going to strike with the EU and IMF/World Bank.All the West's shouting about democracy and yet they turn Nelson's eye to the one true democratic action in the current unsavoury saga. The hypocrisy astounds me!  I live in "the West" and know the lies we have to live under. I live in New Zealand - a country under Representative Democratic rule.

The legal definition of a Representative Democracy from Bouvier's Legal Dictionary is;

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. A form of government where the powers of the sovereignty are delegated to a body of men, elected from time to time, who exercise them for the benefit of the whole nation. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 31.

Let's look at sovereignty;


noun \ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē, -vərn-tē also ˈsə-\

: unlimited power over a country

: a country's independent authority and the right to govern itself

So from this we can safely assume that a representative group of people are put into office by a popular vote of the people and can exercise total control over the country by unlimited power of office, until the next election!  Well, at least that is the understanding of the majority of the people, so assume that it is a fair definition.

But is that really so?

The fact is my nation is actually a Corporation and is listed on the Stock Exchange. The Debt Management Department is given as the address of the Corporation. [Strange title for the address of a nation].  On further investigation we find that the "country" while actually being a corporation is owned by Queen Elizabeth II.  She too is a corporation and is owned by the Vatican and the IMF. Delving into the ownership further is very difficult.

So if the country is actually "Owned", what then of the notion of unlimited power to the elected representatives? Can they really make decision affecting the direction of the country without the approval of the owner? No! So is this really Representative Democracy? No! It is a constructive fraud!  A tort under Common Law and the government has lost all legitimacy to govern.

Look at all your "Western Counties" and you will find that they are all companies [corporations] and are owned and listed on the Stock Exchange. Tell me if you really believe your vote actually matters! All you do is change the Board of Directors until the next election! The shareholder - the authority behind the "government" NEVER changes.

So the Ukraine, like so many other ex Soviet States, has been sold on this notion of Freedom and Democracy - the slogans of revolution. Now we will witness the destruction of the Ukraine as we know it. This plasticine country is about to be re-moulded yet again and at great cost to the people.

What is not mentioned in the MSM is the fact that thousands of Ukrainians are crossing the Eastern border into Russia - but are not showing up in the cities; they have evaporated into the countryside. No refugee camps established, no influx of residents to cities etc but the border guards are reporting the crossings. What could possibly be the reason for that?

Well we may want to look at the legally elected leader of the Ukraine - Viktor Yanukovyich. He has stated publicly that he is still the legitimate President of the Ukraine and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He has also stated that he is going to return to Kiev. Oh dear - do you think he will be welcomed there by the illegitimate powers that committed the coup d'état?  What has happened to the staunchly loyal Berkut, so publically humiliated by the Ukrainians?  What are the chances Yanukovyich is organising a Tour de force - a phoenix like return from the wilderness, but this time with an army?

Take a look at Ukraine map - from Chernobyl in the North to Odessa in the South, the Dnipro River bisects the land - and it does so on ethnic, geopolitical ground as well. The land to the East is ethnic Russian and the cities are Russian. Just mention cities like Donetsk, Kharkiv, Mariupol etc and you don't associate them as Ukrainian - certainly the majority of the people there also consider themselves Russian, not Ukrainian. Yanukovyich's powerbase is in this industrial centre of Ukraine.

Already you see the wave of unrest spreading through these cities as they clamber for union with Russia - just as Crimea did. Yes, they will see Crimea as the blueprint. The West and the puppet government in the Ukraine, were aware of this possibility several weeks ago - why the push to "re-establish" their military? They were never going to repel Russian forces - and they knew that Russia was not going into the Crimea to fight a war; but to simply keep the peace and protect their missiles and bases in Crimea. It was obvious to children that Russia was not going in to have a war with Ukraine!  The call-up of reservists and "mobilising" of the Arms Forces is as a deterrent to Yanukovyich and his forces.

The West - especially Europe - don't want to get involved if Yanukovyich tries to get back into power as that will really set the West off against Russia! The West has no stomach for a real fight here. Better they get EU observers there as some form of deterrent and support the Ukraine military as best they can without going toe-to-toe with Russia. 

However, some form of "popular uprising" in the shape of the West's coloured revolutions occurring in the Eastern sector of Ukraine may well be a true litmus test of the determination of the illegitimate government to hold the East. How do the Western forces [HATO/ FUKUS] argue the legitimacy of a popular uprising when that is what they were supporting in the first place?? But no doubt Hague and the buffoon Kerry will call black, white again; as is their custom; does a leopard change it's spots?

Should this popular up-rising take hold, and it really almost develops a mind of it's own once the fire is lit; then we will see a change in Ukraine. The artificial boundaries, drawn on a map will disappear and re-emerge as geological/ethnic boundaries defined by a major river and Russian speaking people. This would be "the will of the people".

How the West manages to deal with this is a different question. Sanctions? The current sanctions are for show only - to confuse the Sheepeople that the West is tough. The sanctions are symbolic only. Those Russians who had investment in the West - got their money and investment out before the sanctions were imposed - why do you think the West telegraphed the possibility of sanctions for so long before they introduced them?  I see the Central Bank criminals suggesting that they may no longer be able to "support" the Rouble. Such a move would play right into the hands of Putin. Russia would demand payment for the gas in Rouble - not Euro or Dollar and then where would the Central Bank be? Before long, the Rouble and Yuan would be the new International Currency and Reserve Currency.

Would the West go to war over it?? Europe would freeze and the industry of Europe would stop once Russia turned off the gas.  Economic war would favour Russia. A Hot war would leave Europe in a most vulnerable position - for all of HATO/FUKUS  banter, they are all looking at assured mutual destruction! Atomic bombs are indiscriminate and the ruling élite may not be able to hide - remember Bob Dylan's song - You Masters Of War? Europe would not provide hiding or sanctuary - America wouldn't look too great either. China would most likely join Russia and the others in the Bloc likewise - a real full-scale World War. A truly apocalyptic scenario - but as it is not in the Middle East, I would discount it; for now anyway.

More likely would be some form of "limited war" aka Syria and then peacekeepers/monitors and a "diplomatic solution" which most likely would still involve the re-drawing of some boundaries as ground taken is usually not given up. This may not however, quell all of the tension.

The alternative, is for the current tensions to be "defused' by diplomacy and/or a show of force and the Ukraine, minus the Crimea, revert to EU domination. This however, will simply be a slow ticking bomb waiting for the right trigger to ignite the pent-up suppressed aspirations of a nation. We will see a similar situation as we saw in East/West Berlin/Germany. There the East looked on as the West prospered under subsidies and out-right Western manipulation of the market in order to fuel Eastern resentment at the austerity of their position. The Ukraine, under crippling EU/World Bank austerity programmes and policies will be crushed. Industry stripped and closed down - I saw this in Hungary - large factories sitting vacant as they were "bought out", closed down and the business taken off-shore to Europe and America. Where once a business in a small city/town provided a living for up to say 15,000 inhabitants - now there is nothing but unemployment, misery and lawlessness! The crippling repayments to the bank and the systematic stripping of all wealth from the Ukraine will have the people in abject misery and looking over the border at Crimea where it will be thriving and wages up to 5 times more than in Ukraine. They can look at Russia, over the border and see the growth and living standards of the people. It is then, maybe two years hence, maybe 5 years - who knows - but it will happen and then there will be revolution.  This time a whole nation on the edge, will fall over it and land in Russia.

The world need pray for Ukraine because the Ukrainian people do not know where they are being lead. It behoves all of us in the West, who understand the situation, to get the message out and show the psychopathic, criminal behaviour of the IMF/World Bank with its' IMF Riot policy and World Bank austerity programme - a programme which even the World Bank admits has never worked in the over 30 years since it was first introduced. Why do they think it will work now?  The truth is, it works just fine for whom it is intended to work for, otherwise, they would never continue it! The poison chalice of EU Euro loans will kill Ukraine!

Jim Jones




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