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New fascism taking shape in Syria

New world fascism is being born in Syria. Today's Syria is Spain of 1936. If fascism created by tycoons saving the US dollar wins in Syria, the world will plunge into the abyss of a third world war, said in a live broadcast of Pravda.Ru  Syrian parliamentarian, the former deputy prime minister and leader of the opposition "Popular Front for the Liberation and Change" Qadri Jamil.

"For us, as the opposition, the most important question is not the participation in the Geneva-2, but stopping the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria," said Qadri Jamil. Humanitarian catastrophe is 150,000 killed since the beginning of the conflict and 200 new victims every day. It is those wounded, orphaned, widowed, it is the disrupted economy. "If the war continues, there is a danger that Syria would cease to exist as a state. Therefore, despite the different priorities and ambitions of the opposition forces, for serious politicians the most important thing now is to stop this fratricidal war," said the politician. If it is not stopped, the fragments of destruction will be scattered all over the region, up to Southern Europe and Russia. They may even reach the United States that cannot feel safe over the ocean, warned Jamil.

In the West and in satellites countries, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, there is a great controversy regarding further action in Syria. This is reflected in the fact that Iran is invited to the conference, then rejected, a consensus on what opposition groups should participate cannot be found. According to Jamil, the wider the opposition is represented (both internal and external) at Geneva -2, the better.

"I represent patriotic opposition that opposes foreign armed intervention to create the conditions for radical qualitative changes in the conditions of life in Syria," - said Qadri Jamil. A political dialogue and political changes are impossible in the context of intervention, so the priority of the "Popular Front" is to stop external interference in the form of international terrorism. This will reduce domestic violence powered and supplied from the external environment. If successful, a dialogue between the Syrians and only between the Syrians will be possible, the politician said. "We must come to a consensus on what democracy means specifically in Syria, as everyone understands democracy in their own way. But it will be hard to do, because Syria has no such tradition and experience."

"When Bashar al -Assad is asked whether he agrees to democracy, he will answer "yes," when I am asked, I also will say "yes," but when asked what kind of electoral system Syria should have, the opinions will be different. Despite the fact that our own proposals seem to be the best, we must come to a consensus on this issue," said Qadri Jamil. "Popular Front for the Liberation and Change" insists on changing the electoral system, especially the system of counting votes. Syrian electoral system allows the state apparatus to put their people in parliament so no one has control over the government. "Stalin used to say that during the election it does not matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes."

Answering the question why Assad was betrayed by the people in power, Qadri Jamil said that traitors were corrupt thieves who have stolen public wealth, and "a piece of bread from the people" and now "were afraid of people's retaliation." "They switched over to the opposition to be able to launder their money and change the system to use the stolen wealth. The politician noted that anti-Russian slogans in Syrian streets like "Death to Russians," "Today Syria, tomorrow Russia" were not serious slogans. "Syrian people have a deep tradition of love for the Russian people. What was built over a hundred years cannot be destroyed over three years. If someone says so they also have sponsors."

Jamil explained why it was so important for the world to prevent the collapse of Syria. "New world fascism is being born in Syria, it is a plague. In the twentieth century Roosevelt who shook hands with Stalin was nearly accused of communism. But he was a sober politician, he realized that he should form an alliance with Stalin, otherwise the 20th century plague would not be stopped. "We have a similar situation; the new fascism was born in the region. Just like Hitler's fascism, it is encouraged from overseas. Fascism is the most radical policy of financial capital. Now financial movers and shakers are trying to save the dollar from a crisis and create structures like Al Qaeda. Syria today is Spain of 1936. If fascism wins in Syria like it did in Spain, I do not know where we will stop, where the boundaries of a new war will be, said the opposition leader.

Jamil believes that we must find allies in Washington, "and they are there given that Obama did not start the intervention in Syria." The politician is convinced that the experience of Lebanon is not applicable to Syria, because Lebanon is a confessional state where a social explosion remains possible. "We want to create a democratic state," said Jamil.

According to the Syrian opposition, to stop the bloodshed one must stop the aid from the sponsors who provide money and arms, and the Syrians will figure it out on their own. A military solution became impossible because of Russia and China, said Jamil. He does not believe that he "broke away from the regime." "We were in opposition within the government, and when we were fired we remained in the opposition. We favor the creation of the national unity government that would push the country forward. Those opposed have to be neutralized and blocked, since they do not represent the opinion of the majority, 95 percent of the Syrian population," said in a live broadcast of "Viewpoint" former Deputy Prime Minister of Syria, a member of parliament and leader of the Syrian opposition "Popular Front for the Liberation and Change" Qadri Jamil.
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