Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Peace and Poison


By Qasim Raza

No doubt terrorism is presenting itself as the biggest and profitable business for so-called peace-holders of the world, so terrorism is satisfying both élite and criminal class of the world, and terrorism has created the number of weapon companies which are now looking against the word peace because to bring out peace can stuck their business of arms.

The terrorism is providing complete ingredients to the weapon mafia to run their business with full flow.

It is an open-secret that, arms of reputed companies of US were going into the rusting situation due to presence of peace in world, which was providing tremendous loss to the weapon companies. The use of archival weapon was one of the important reasons of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Brain A while has highlighted in "New world Disorder" that from 1991 to 2001 the US delivered 74 billion dollar worth of arms to the Middle East. This information explains the dangerous motives of weapon mafia. Peace is poison for these weapon companies.

There is a strong political hold of arms companies in America and they too insisted US to start war with Afghanistan and Iraq.

The interesting thing is that the peacekeepers and terrorists both are the biggest and daily customer of these cruel companies, because the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan are resisting with same weapons of  NATO and US tag, which shows that  both players are buying their equipment from the same shop.

The above observation gives us a glimpse about the uncontrolled and non serious behavior with distributes arms. These arms companies are not in under strong observations, because the easy availability of US guns in the hands of terrorists is beating the alarm of danger that something is not running in right direction.

The alarming question is that why arms selling have become as selling of shoes?

Why arms companies are not under the control of government?

Samuel Weigle mentioned in his opinion in "USA Today" that there are 10 companies which has earned most from military sales till 2011. Following are the names of companies with important products.

1) Lockheed Martin

Products: Aircrafts, Missiles, Unmanned System, Radar systems.

2) Boeing

Products:  Strategic Missile System, Laser and Electro-Optical System, Global Positioning System.

3) BAE Systems

Products: L-Rod Bar Armor system, Jet Trainer etc.

4) General Dynamics

Products: Electric Boats, Tanks, Tracked Vehicles, Wheeled vehicles.

5) Raytheon

Products: Toma hawk Cruise Missile.

6) Northrop Grumman

Products: Missiles, Ships, Aircraft, Electronics.


Products: Electronics, Missiles, aircraft.

8) Finmeccanica

Products:  Missiles, Vehicles, Artillery. Engines, Aircraft.

9) L-3 Communications

Services:  Intelligence, National Security Solutions, Communications, surveillance, Command and control.

10) United Technologies

Products: Sea-hawk and Black hawk helicopter.

About 312 billion dollar of budget allocated in 2002 for US defense but in 2011 it touched to 712 billion dollar and the credit goes to above listed companies and this situation tells us that how much money earned by these companies.

Another contestant is Drug Mafia which is also looking serious in performing business under the shadow of Terrorism.

The drug dealers of the entire world are showing keen interest in opium and Afghanistan is the biggest producer of the opium in world. This business could be one of the important reasons to split war over Afghanistan, because before 9/11 the business of opium was under control, but after the arrival of US this business of drugs is going to touch the limits of sky.

Russian Drug Control Head stated that:  After US assault the Afghanistan is producing 7000 tons of opium in year.

Counter Narcotics Minister of Afghanistan was of the view that NATO and US army are earning money from the opium.

From the all above observation now we are in place to understand that actually, what is war against terrorism? And what are the motives behind it?

War against terror directly shows the hunger, lust and cruel desires of US and its allies. Due to this childish war against terrorism every cruel of the world is receiving benefits. First market of the business of terrorism exhibited in Afghanistan and now it has opened its franchises in Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen etc. and there US has planted some small cruel crocodiles into the cloth of democracy. These dummies of America also don't want to stop this war of terror because this war has become a big source to full-fill the selfish desires of these planted dummies and their families.

So according to US and its planted dummies in Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan!

"Peace is poison"


"War is blessing"


Qasim Raza