Syrian special forces ready to attack USA?


Military Review website posted information from an anonymous source stating that hundreds of Syrian army special forces soldiers are currently located on the territory of the United States, ready to conduct a series of sabotage operations in case of a military aggression against Syria. They may target the country's infrastructure.

The publication lists potential targets that can be damaged, including railways, power stations, power plants, waterworks, oil and gas terminals, and military objects, mostly air and naval bases. An anonymous source said that the diversion could be implemented in the most densely populated areas and states in order to cause maximum damage to the U.S. economy and infrastructure, simultaneously causing panic among the population. Attacks against civilians are not planned, the anonymous source at the Ministry of Defense of Syria assured. All fighters grouped in units of three to seven people are employed by the Syrian special forces "al-Qassam" and undergone an extensive training. They are equipped to carry out sabotage operations in the United States.

The source said that the Syrian leadership has chosen this strategy based on the experience of the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya, where the aggression was reflected from a defensive position, which doomed these countries to failure.

The Syrian special forces have a very long history, and were created back in 1958. They were trained by Soviet instructors, and later Lebanon specialists of Hezbollah. The Syrian special forces have significant experience of conducting successful operations during the Arab- Israeli conflict.

It is easy to believe that practical implementation of such a plan is possible. All the more so that in the time of a war with the opposition fighters, including through guerrilla methods, the Syrian army has only enhanced and honed its expertise in this area. In addition, the United States is one of the most vulnerable countries to sabotage operations because of the numerous and diverse immigrants flocking to the United States from all over the world. It is not that difficult for a foreign saboteur to get lost and not be in the focus of attention of the U.S. intelligence. This fact is the Achilles heel of the United States.

As for the moral aspect, the United States at this moment in history took the side of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, and it is not a propaganda fiction. The Syrian opposition that is one of the warring sides in the Syrian conflict is mainly composed of Al- Qaeda militants. Barack Obama intended to support it by a military strike against Bashar al-Assad that, unfortunately, is an indisputable fact. Therefore, in this light technological sabotage in the United States is not perceived by the anonymous source as something immoral.

Obviously, the authenticity of this information is difficult to prove since the source referenced by Military Review wished to remain anonymous. This information does not appear in any public statements by representatives of the government or the military leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic. On the surface it looks like an information attack to intimidate the enemy.   

However, the emergence of such information from official sources could cause irreparable damage to the situation in Syria that has barely stabilized. A military strike was avoided only thanks to the efforts of Russian diplomacy.

Nadezhda Alexeeva


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov