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Man commits suicide in public by stabbing himself 5 times in the heart

Experts concluded that Georgy Kochnev, who died in front of dozens of people, actually killed himself. According to forensic experts, the man stabbed himself in the heart five times and died afterwards. Moreover, Kochnev could still walk and talk for a few minutes after the fifth injury.

Investigators say that they will soon expose the results of the post-mortem examination of the body of Georgy Kochnev, who died on a highway near St. Petersburg on December 17th. Indeed, the death of a young man became a cause for a scandal. Originally, investigators concluded that Kochnev committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest five times. These arguments were based on testimony from witnesses.

The materials of the case indicate that Kochnev was traveling on A-118 highway in his SUV and flagrantly violated traffic rules. As a result, the Kochnev's vehicle rammed into the one ahead, driven Mr. Zonov, an official, deputy head of the detention center of St. Petersburg. When the two cars stopped, Kochnev came up to the official's car and started to kick the vehicle. Zonov locked up inside his car and called the police.

Afterwards, according to eyewitnesses, Kochnev literally went out of his mind. The man began to run about the road and blocked the traffic to a Lada Priora vehicle that was traveling by. Two men stepped out of Lada Priora and offered help to Kochnev, seeing that he was behaving inadequately. In response, the man attacked Lada Priora and tore off the car's side mirror and started swearing loudly at the two men. A few minutes later, an Audi car crashed into Lada Priora. Kochnev went to his car and then returned holding a knife in his hand. What happened afterwards seems incredible, but: "In the presence of four witnesses, Kochnev stabbed himself in the heart at least 5 times. Mr. Zonov immediately called a rescue service to inform them of what happened."

It was the testimony that became a source for a heated debate. Many people believed that Kochnev did not kill himself. There was a murder, and witnesses were voicing the version that had been prepared for them by someone else.

The autopsy on the victim was conducted by senior officer at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Vladimir Karavayev. The medic concluded that four of the five stabs were made right in the heart, which would speak (in the version of suicide) for active movements that the victim was making after every stab. Experts considered that impossible, stating that there were no cuts found on the body that would be specific to acts of suicide. The man was stabbed through thick layers of clothes, which required great physical strength. In general, they concluded, committing suicide by stabbing yourself in the heart five times was impossible.

A rally was held in St. Petersburg after the above-mentioned conclusions were made public. The participants of the rally demanded an objective investigation be held into the man's bizarre death. As a result, the Investigative Committee and launched another investigation.

"The wounds on the body of Georgy Kochnev appeared as a result of at least five blows inflicted with a piercing and cutting instrument. All areas of the body, which were injured, were available to the hands of the victim. Kochnev's death occurred as a result of massive blood loss. Given the size of the damage to the heart wall, experts believs that his death took place during the first minutes after the stab wounds were inflicted. The stab wounds on the victim's body were not accompanied with the damage to the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal motor system. Therefore, experts concluded that soon after the wounds had been inflicted, Kochnev could still move and conduct concerted action," officials told Pravda.Ru.

The final conclusions of the investigation are yet to be announced. Investigators say that they will provide a clear answer to the question of whether Kochnev killed himself. However, why did they decide to conduct another examination? 

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