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Desperate woman keeps her husband’s body on balcony for weeks

The crime, which was committed in Russia's Khabarovsk, is very similar to the murder of journalist Irina Kabanova in Moscow. The only difference is that in the city of Khabarovsk, it was a woman that brutally killed her husband. The woman claims that she had strangled her husband in a fit of anger. The man, she said, was allegedly asking her for money to buy alcohol. Having committed the crime, the woman staged her husband's departure to another city - Vladivostok.

The crime, which the suspect had been concealing for a long time, took place during a family quarrel. The head of the family, who often drank alcohol, asked his wife for money to buy more drinks. The woman refused, the man became furious, but continued asking for money. The quarrel grew into a fight, in which the woman managed to take advantage of the drunk man. Having grabbed a clothesline, the woman threw it around her husband's neck and strangled him.

"She then wrapped the body in a sleeping bag and took it out to the balcony," officials said. The woman told her daughter and friends that her husband suddenly left for Vladivostok."

The couple was raising three children - a nine-year-old daughter and two sons, both aged 12 months. No one could even think for weeks that the body of their father was being kept on the balcony. It was the man's daughter, who found the body on the balcony when she stepped onto it.

The murderer, investigators said, forbade her daughter and the babysitter to tell anyone about the crime. Fearing that the body could be found by someone else, the woman asked a friend of hers to help her get rid of the evidence. At first, the woman took the body to the garage, and then they moved the body out of town, where they buried it.

It was the man's father, who went to the police to report the disappearance of his 34-year-old son. The parent did not believe the arguments of his daughter-in-law, who also told him that his son had gone to Vladivostok and could not return a phone call. Detectives assumed that the man's wife could be involved in his disappearance and began to ask questions about the details of her husband's departure. However, the woman was calm and did not give any signs of anxiousness.

Afterwards, the woman told the police about the reasons that made her commit the murder. According to her, the last fight was a catalyst of the negativity that she had saved in herself over the years of marriage. The man was unemployed and was constantly asking money for alcohol. When he was drunk, he would also insult and beat his wife.

The woman is only 31 years of age. The investigation of the criminal case continues.

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