Egyptian Muslim brotherhood calls for protest against attacks on Gaza

Prensa Latina

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood convened today for a demonstration to take place next Friday in the center of the capital, to protest the wave of Israeli air and ground attacks against the Gaza Strip.

In the last two weeks, Israel launched a wave of bombings with fighters, drones and tanks positioned on the edge of the strip that has claimed the lives of seven people, including two minors, and left more than 40 wounded, according to the latest information.

The Gaza Strip borders the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, where residents of the impoverished and overcrowded Palestinian territory receive goods essential to survive the blockade that has lasted more than five years, imposed by the government of Tel Aviv.

"The Ajuan (Brothers in Arabic) express their support to the Palestinian resistance and their anger at the Zionist attacks," said a statement circulated by the organization, founded in the 1920s and becoming the most numerous and influential in Egypt after the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak.

The statement called on "Arabs and Muslims to play their role in supporting the Palestinian cause and stopping the bloodshed."

On Tuesday last, hundreds of members of secular and left parties convened on the center of this capital in order to demand the Israeli attacks on the strip stop.

Days ago, Egyptian Presiden,t Mohamed Morsi, said in a public statement that his country cannot remain indifferent in the face of constant Israeli attacks against Gaza Strip, but clarified that he is not contemplating starting a conflict with Israel.

Egypt and Israel have had a peace agreement dating back to 1979.

Israel has been employing social media taunts as of late.  Once "Operation Pillar of Defense" began, the IDF put up a Facebook page, a Flickr feed, and, a stream of Twitter taunts - all relying on white-on-red English-language graphics. "Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated," reads a tweet from 2:21 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday.

Israel Defense Forces not only murdered Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari on Wednesday as he was driving his car down the street in Gaza. They killed him and then instantly posted the strike to YouTube. Then they tweeted a warning to all of Jabari's comrades: "We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead."

The Jabari hit is part of the biggest assault the IDF has launched in more than three years on Gaza.  More than 20 targets were hit.

The Israelis are playing with fire and will likely soon get burned.

Translated from the Portuguese version and appended by:

Lisa Karpova


Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey