Bullseye! Bug splat! US drones target Mosque in Pakistan?

Bug splat. This is what they call the strike from a drone, an unmanned aircraft flown from a computer console thousands of miles away somewhere in deepest US of A. Bug splat. In other words, murdering people in Pakistan, Afghanistan. Bug (insect) splat (crushed). The latest "Bug splat" took place on Thursday in Pakistan. In a Mosque, apparently...

The latest news coming out of Pakistan, which obviously does not grace the pages of the mainstream media or those sycophantic snivelling publications which make a living out of copying and pasting information in NATO member states, is allegedly that a terrorist strike by a US drone against a Mosque on Thursday has occasioned the murder of ten people and grievous bodily harm to three more victims of this terrorist attack. Bug splat.

In other sources the same story may hide behind "air strike kills ten in Pakistan". A person is killed when his gas boiler blows up in his face, he is murdered when someone strafes his Mosque where he was offering morning prayers with missiles and machinegun fire, controlled by a psychopathic murderer in the USA flying the machine from a computer console. Bug splat.

The question remains, is the murderer going to be prosecuted? Is there one lawyer in the USA with the kahunas to take the matter up, to bring to justice those cowards flying these machines and the sinister terrorist masters behind the campaign? As we see, the epicentre of terrorism is not Pakistan or Afghanistan, but rather, the USA. Bug splat.

Suppose a Pakistani drone were to attack an American church on Sunday morning? Imagine the screams, the horror, the terror as people ran in panic, then gathered in mourning over the smoking stinking flesh of their loved ones, literally roasted in their own skin. Bug splat. Terrible...terrorist attack...monsters, just imagine the headlines the following morning.

Yet what happens when an American coward flies a drone over a Mosque, fires off two missiles and strafes the church-goers with machinegun fire in Pakistan? Why, the story doesn't even hit the press does it? What story?

Oh, the one where on Thursday a US drone apparently struck/made a terrorist attack against a mosque in the village of Hasukhel in Mir Ali, Waziristan North, Pakistan, allegedly the second such terrorist attack in two days. The drone strafed the Mosque where people were offering morning prayers (Fajr), according to eye witnesses:

"Some of the people had offered the prayers and were leaving the mosque. Others were still praying and some were reciting the Holy Quran, when the drone fired two missiles and struck the mosque. The small structure of the mosque was demolished in the attack and those present inside were buried under the debris of the building," a tribesman, Mohammad Roshan Dawar, said.

Over to the USA. Who was the murderer responsible for this attack? Where was he? What spy plane was he flying? If the allegations are true, how is the murder investigation going to be conducted?

OK don't bother. We know what will happen. Bug splat. Unless someone investigates how to bring these terrorist contraptions down, with EMP machines...electro-magnetic pulse.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov