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Libya Today. 45812.jpegAfter the criminal and inhumane terrorist attack by NATO and the gangs of bandits, rapists, murderers, looters, arsonists, terrorists and torturers it unleashed against the people of Libya, what is the truth today? We examine the stories coming out of Libya, whose people certainly do not want this scourge thrust upon them as a Government.

For a start, what "dictator" educates his people for free, sends them to Universities abroad, including in the countries which were endemically hostile to the Jamahiriya system of Government (direct rule by people's communities), what dictator houses his people for free, what dictator gives them free healthcare, what dictator gives them 50% of the price of their first car, what dictator distributes the country's wealth directly into his people's bank accounts (in so doing annoying those who made a pretty penny through corruption and who then sided with NATO against Colonel Gaddafi)?

NATO has now fled with its tail between its legs, knowing it broke every rule in the book in Libya, knowing it breached the terms of its mandate, knowing it breached UNSC Resolutions, knowing it breached the UN Charter, knowing it breached the terms of the Geneva Conventions. NATO committed terrorist acts in Libya strafing civilian structures with military hardware, attacking water supplies, the factories which made pipes to repair them, bombing the electricity grid, interfering in communications, bombing schools, healthcare centers and hospitals.

The result is a massive indictment of NATO and its leaders for war crimes*, the result is a de facto defeat of NATO (for it was not able to achieve its goals by following the rules of engagement - you do not win a soccer match by strafing the opponents with machine guns and grenades and then packing the field with 50 players).

The result is that the tribes reject pleas from the Al-Qaeda, Salafist and Shiite fundamentalists which constitute the rats and the result is that the rats (terrorists supported by NATO - for those who claim otherwise, check their horrendous acts of cruelty throughout the campaign)  do not enter Libya south of the coast. The Tuareg consider the rats as enemies, the Warfallah tribe considers the rats as enemies.

And what about the situation on the ground? While the rats deny it, Tajoura, Tarhouna and Bani Walid are under Green (Jamahiriya) control, because the people want to live in the Jamahiriya system and do not want to be controlled by gangs of terrorists and their foreign masters who wish to siphon off Libya's oil. Rat graffiti is being replaced with Green walls.

The rats are showing clear signs that they are about to start a massive firefight amongst themselves. Benghazi wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misratah wants to become independent from Tripoli, Derna wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misrata brigades are now speaking about attacking Tripoli.

Meanwhile southern Libya is Green (pro-Jamahiriya and anti-rats) and the population is resolute to rid the country of traitors, terrorists and criminals who sold out to NATO so that the FUKUS countries (France, UK and US) could steal the country's sovereign funds and its massive resources.

God writes the history book, never Satan.

Photo: "Unarmed" civilians needing protection or a gang of heavily armed terrorists?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey