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Foreign Minister says Syria rejects outside interference

Foreign Minister says Syria rejects outside interference. 44776.jpegThe Foreign Minister of Syria, Walid Moallem, said that the government of President Bashar Al Assad rejects outside interference and therefore does not recognize the sanctions imposed by the European Union on his country. He said Syrians should "forget that Europe exists in the map." The Foreign Minister came out in defense of President Assad.

"We reject any foreign interference. We [the Syrians] we can reach common ground despite differences of views. No one should impose on us overseas points of view," Moallem said.

For the Foreign Minister, the position assumed by the Europeans provokes the natural forgetfulness of them on the part of the Syrians. "We are going to forget that Europe is on the map," he said.

Moallem accused some European ministers of participating in a "conspiracy to sow chaos and conflict in Syria" after they criticized the speech last Sunday (20th) by Assad. For some aides of the president, the tone of the speech was insufficient. "As has been said it may be insufficient to reform or amend the Constitution," responded the Foreign Minister.

He also accused the Foreign Minister of France, Alain Juppe, of maintaining "colonial illusions". He said Juppe has no influence in Syria. Moallem also denied that Iran and the Shiite Hezbollah movement support the regime's crackdown on demonstrations in the country.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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