The West wants another Libya and another Gaddafi

The West wants another Libya and another Gaddafi. 44645.jpegThe informational artillery against Syria is entering the final phase. Through the efforts of Western journalists, Bashar Assad who was reputed to be one of the most liberal of the Arab rulers, over the past four months has become a monster who is about to outdo Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi combined in terms of the number of crimes committed.

The main task at the moment is to further promote the anti-Syrian hysteria to convince the UN Security Council permanent members Russia and China in Assad's inhumanity, and by analogy with Libya hold a similar resolution against Syria, which would not rule out the use of force.

Western officials say that the Syrian regime is tightened be repressions. They believe that the evidence of this are the events in the city of Jisr al-Shugurov located in the north. A few days earlier militants killed nearly 120 military and police in its vicinity. After that, anti-terrorist forces were introduced into the city that after a brief shootout restored peace and order.

The West is trying to present it as a punitive expedition, which allegedly resulted in numerous casualties among the civilians forced to flee en masse to Turkey. They say that something needs to be done to stop the Syrian tyrant.

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Another interesting fact is that now, after the events in Jisr el-Shugurov, few people in the West speak of "the unarmed demonstrators." However, we will not hear confessions about the Western intelligence services carrying out destabilization by introducing gangs into Syria from Iraq and Jordan. Who then shoots at the Syrian soldiers and policemen? It turns out it is their yesterday's comrades that have fallen to the opposition. They calmly shoot their colleagues "in the name of the revolution," unable to endure further humiliation of their people.

There is more to it. On the background of Israel complaining about the Syrian "provocations" in the occupied Syrian Golan, Syria is unsubstantially accused of orchestrating the recent terrorist attack against the Italian UN peacekeepers in Lebanon.

According to Western media, this was the final drop and Brussels and Washington no longer expect anything good from Bashar Assad. For example, the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has openly declared that Assad has lost legitimacy.

However, there is not much evidence to the deeds of bloodthirsty Assad. This is not surprising. For example, how can someone take the "revelations" about Assad seriously after the scandal with the blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus"? The Western media tried to present the information about the "excesses of the Assad regime," posted by a certain resident of Syria Arraf Amin Al-Omari, as perhaps the only "ray of light in the dark Syrian kingdom."

Of course, the Western public accepted the information with indignation. Everyone sympathized with the Syrian woman who lived in an atmosphere of constant fear created by the efforts of the terrible President. Probably even more important for the minds of the western people was the fact that the above mentioned person was a lesbian. In many Western countries, particularly the U.S., the actions of such activists, especially gay, are fully supported.

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On June 6 the blog of Amina Arraf revealed a horrifying post stating that the prominent Syrian feminist was arrested by Assad. In the West, this news made an effect of a bombshell. Progressive western society has launched a campaign under the slogan "Freedom to Amina Arraf!" In addition, violence against women human rights defender provoked an angry response of the U.S. State Department.

It is difficult to say what would happen with the first Syrian feminist and what path the compassionate Western journalists have prepared for her if it was not for a scandal that broke out.

What was the mistake of the American and British propagandists? In fact, it was a sheer trifle. The editor of the British newspaper The Guardian was approached by a resident of London Helen Lesik, who was stirred by the fact that the articles about a "gay girl from Damascus" were illustrated by her personal photos. In a detailed "debriefing" it was found that the oppressed "Syrian gay girl" was in fact a 40-year-old male "activist peacemaker" from the U.S. Tom McMaster.

On June 12, 2011 the hoaxer made a blog entry where he was forced to admit that his stories were invented. He said it was done to draw attention to the peoples of the Middle Eastern countries in the "revolutionary times" and that he did not expect that this story would cause such a reaction.

However, this did not prevent the fighter for the Arab democracy from asserting that "the facts were presented as they really were." However, it is unclear how this is consistent with the above statement. It would be possible to make allowances for the fact that the "gay girl" was broadcasting from Syria and took an Arabic name to be more convincing. Yet, according to the Western media, Tom McMaster is currently a student in Edinburgh and by definition could not be in Syria.

In turn, according to Syrian sources, the American activist had never been to their country. In any case, the entire story clearly demonstrates the value of the West's allegations towards the bloodthirsty regime of Assad. This once again proves the fact that Washington and Brussels have unleashed a real war against Syria. So far it is conducted in the information field, and as we see, it is very dirty. It is conducted with the explicit approval of the authorities of the Western countries. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that even the U.S. Department of State adopted a hoax by Tom McMaster? At any rate, it is hard to believe that American diplomats were so naive.

The main question at the moment is whether this country will share the fate of Libya. Now in many ways the future of Syria depends precisely on the positions of Russia and China. They should be aware that the situation in which someone arbitrarily rules the legitimacy or illegitimacy of a leader threatens not only Assad and Gaddafi, but the entire world.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov